Who Is Meredith Grey Dating? One Of The Best Grey’s Anatomy Relationships

After reuniting this season on Grey’s Anatomy, it appears that Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) has found happiness with Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman). The only issue is that they live in different states.

In its most recent episode, “The Makings of You,” Grey’s Anatomy took a rare break from the hospital to focus on Meredith’s sisters Maggie and Amelia’s essential relationships. With the return of a surprising character (or two! ), all three sisters experienced some major moments that could lead to major changes for the rest of Season 18 and beyond. For one of them, at least.

Meredith And Nick Are Getting Serious, But Will They Be Able To Keep Their Relationship Long-distance?

Meredith and Nick (Scott Speedman) weren’t anticipating a romantic cabin retreat as Nick’s niece Charlotte showed up with her “soul mate” Silver. She made matters much more tense by telling her uncle that she was dropping out of college and fleeing to Costa Rica. Meredith, on the other hand, quietly assisted them in navigating their family issues, prompting Nick to confess that he’s falling in love with her.

Who Is Meredith Grey Dating?

Meredith’s faith in Nick is evident when she speaks with him about where she sees her career going — or not going — following their major Parkinson’s surgery. This will play out next week, as it appears that David Hamilton will make Meredith an offer that Nick hopes she will accept. Could this show, after so many seasons, offer a game-changing location switch, or will Meredith be persuaded to continue with what she knows?

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Our Take On Where Is Meredith & Nick’s Relationship Going on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

For the time being, the long-distance romance is working, thanks to Meredith’s work on the Parkinson’s Trial, which took her to the Mayo Clinic. However, when the following stage (surgery for Peter Gallagher’s Dr. Hamilton) was required, the site was changed to Seattle. And “Legacy” demonstrated that both had duties in their separate cities – she was working on that operation, he got a liver transplant — and that seeing him meant she’ll be gone from her children.

Meredith did, however, show up at Nick’s house at the end of the episode to deliver the news that Hamilton’s operation had been successful. “There was only one minor problem,” she explained. “It’s 1500 miles away from the only person I wanted to celebrate with.” They didn’t say anything about it, but bringing it up reminds us that something needs to be done about it sooner rather than later — and based on the upcoming episode’s promo, it may need to be done very soon.

“When I’m falling in love, I don’t love the sense of losing control,” Nick says to Meredith, and the significance of the first part of that sentence doesn’t miss her. How serious can things become between them before they have to decide out what the future holds for them over such a great distance?

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Grey’s Anatomy will return for Season 19, as will Pompeo’s role as Meredith. We don’t know if Speedman will keep playing Nick, which might have an impact on what happens between the two characters. Could Meredith truly continue to go to see him if he remains, and he make a few excursions to Seattle when he has time? Is it possible that a move is in his future, which is why he scrubbed in and helped out at Grey Sloan in “Living in a House Divided”? Was that a foreshadowing of things to come?

Grey’s Anatomy returns to ABC on Thursday, March 24, at 9 p.m. ET.