Who Is Michele Morrone's Girlfriend In 2022?

Michele Morrone rose to international fame after starring in the sultry 2020 Polish film 365 Days. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, the Netflix streamer has become a popular film, thanks in part to its star’s smouldering attractive looks and flawless physique. Fans are eager to learn more about Michele Morrone’s wife, if he has one at all.

Who Is Michele Morrone Dating?

According to our information, the 31-year-old heartthrob is now single. In a 2020 interview, Morrone revealed he was single, and he hasn’t been linked to anyone since. People assumed he was dating Maria Sieklucka, his 365 Days co-star, due of their chemistry and the sexually explicit nature of their scenes together.

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Who Is Michele Morrone's Girlfriend In 2022?

However, during a Polish interview shortly after the film’s premiere, Morrone put that notion to rest. In a June 2020 interview, he said, “[Our characters] were incredibly deep, so if we didn’t like each other and had that bond on set, it wasn’t going to be real–the scenes” (as reported by Oprah Daily). “We were forced to be friends, but we ended up becoming actual friends.” Anna is one of my favourite people.”

Is Michele Morrone Married?

Morrone has an ex-wife named Rouba Saadeh, while he is not currently married. She was married to Morrone from 2014 to 2018. She is a fashion designer and stylist from Lebanon. Marcus, born in 2017, and Brando, born in 2017, are the couple’s two boys. “Ho messo al mondo due vite. #nothingelsematters,” the actor wrote in a touching Instagram image of his kids from 2019, which roughly translates to “I’ve purchased two life into the world” in Italian.

We don’t know the specifics of the couple’s breakup, but Morrone has stated that the end of his marriage was extremely difficult for him. “A year and a half ago I was about to leave everything, I didn’t want to act anymore,” he stated on Instagram in 2020. Following my divorce from my wife, I was in a deep melancholy.”

Fortunately, the star bounced back and now advises his fans to never lose hope. “Because I had no more money in my pocket, I got work as a gardener in a distant village of 1,000 people.” But life has a strange way of putting the proper train in front of you when you’re down, and if you’re strong enough, you can catch it.

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Is Michele Morrone Gay?

Michele Morrone was rumoured to be gay in June of 2021. A shirtless Morrone embracing Italian actor and model Simone Susinna, who appears in the 365 Days sequel, sparked the rumours. It was unclear if Morrone’s confusing photo caption, “I’m a liar,” was alluding to his sexual orientation.

“My team called me saying, ‘There’s a lot of publications reporting you came out,’” Morrone recounted in an Instagram story (as reported by the Gay Times). “We’ve become like brothers,” he said. We’re making a movie. It was only a photo. “No more.”

Concerning the ambiguous caption, the actor claims he didn’t mean it literally. “Actors are liars. “I wrote that,” he said. acting… as if not. I didn’t leave. Sorry for the confusion. Like I stated, I’m a huge LGBT advocate. There are many young men and women… They would love to come out but can’t due to family obligations. Guys, happiness is priceless. Peace and love, I adore you.”