Who Is Rafael Nadal's Girlfriend?

His full name is Rafael Nadal Parera, and he was born on the 3rd of June 1986 on Manacor Island, Spain. He is a player of tennies. He is the only player to win the French Open four times in a row. In 2005, he also won 24 matches as a youngster. Before losing to Roger, he won back-to-back matches on clay courts.

Is Rafael Nadal Dating Anyone?

Xisca Perello, Rafael Nadal’s wife, has never been one to take center stage.

She is often in the crowd to watch her husband pull off historic victories, such as his quarter-final victory over Novak Djokovic at the French Open. And she nervously watched as Nadal was given a position in the final at Roland Garros because of Alexander Zverev‘s terrible injury.

Here’s everything we know about the model as she and her partner try to win a remarkable 22nd Grand Slam.

Who is Xisca Perello?

Xisca Perello was born Maria Francisca Perello and is a business graduate and insurance worker.

She is the project director for the Rafa Nadal Foundation, which was founded by Nadal in 2008. Despite knowing each other for some years, the couple apparently began dating in 2005.

Who Is Rafael Nadal's Girlfriend?

When did they get married?

It was a case of ‘finally’ when they married the marriage after dating for 14 years.

They announced their engagement in January 2019 and married in October of that year. In front of 350 guests, the pair exchanged vows at the La Fortaleza castle in Majorca, his birthplace. Actors Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Colman, and Hug Laurie were among those invited.

Rafael Nadal does not have children, however, he has expressed interest in having children. He did propose, though, that he wait until the end of his professional career to dedicate his complete focus to his children.

Who Is Rafael Nadal's Girlfriend?

“I’d want to have children: boys, girls,” he said. I’m a family man that enjoys spending time with children.

“However, I must tell you that the reality is that the years pass, and I would like to begin doing all of this when my sports life dictates it.”

Mr. Nadal went on to claim that his sporting profession has made having children difficult so far, saying, “I think it’s also above all about looking after the kids.”

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“I’m not sure whether traveling all year and having children is the best option.”

Why is Xisca often absent from Nadal’s tennis matches?

Xisca Perello admitted in one of her few interviews that she avoids most of Rafael Nadal’s tennis matches in order to preserve their relationship. She also expressed anxiety that if she appeared, she would interrupt her fellow Spaniard’s concentration.

Who Is Rafael Nadal's Girlfriend?

“He needs his privacy when he’s racing,” Xisca said in a 2011 interview with The Telegraph. “Just the idea of me hanging around and waiting on his needs all day tires me out.”

“It would cause me to suffocate.” And then he’d have to be concerned about me… No. If I followed him around everywhere, I think we’d have a hard time getting along.”

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She was a more frequent visitor at the 2020 Australian Open when she saw the entirety of Rafael Nadal’s four-set victory over Nick Kyrgios.

Social Media Accounts

Xisca Perello does not have any social media accounts that are open to the public.

Who Is Rafael Nadal's Girlfriend?

Admiring admirers, on the other hand, have created social media accounts to post photos. Xisca has previously spoken publicly about her desire to avoid fame and popularity.