Who Is Raymond Gutierrez's Boyfriend?

In a recent interview with Wil Dasovich, Raymond Gutierrez claimed that he has found love in Los Angeles, California.

“In January, I met someone, and we’re taking it a little more seriously,” he said. We’re in a relationship, by the way.”

Raymond Gutierrez talked about enjoying his life overseas and the dating issues he faced while in the Philippines, revealing that he has found a new love in Los Angeles.

When he appeared as a guest on vlogger Wil Dasovich’s “Superhuman” podcast, which was released on Spotify on June 1, the TV personality revealed that he is currently in a relationship. During the conversation, he remembered how, during the COVID-19 pandemic, he was unmarried and alone in his Manila house when he decided to visit the United States.

Dasovich questioned Gutierrez if he has finally found a “romantic interest” since arriving in Los Angeles.

“I believe the first few months were more of a ‘let’s have fun and see where this goes,’ but I did meet someone in January.” We’re treating it a little more seriously now, and yes, we’re dating,” Gutierrez said.

Who Is Raymond Gutierrez's Boyfriend?

Dasovich was taken aback by Gutierrez’s statement, as he had not expected him to announce his relationship status.

“Oh my god! You simply threw it out there like that. So there you have it. He clapped for Gutierrez and said, “Boyfriend reveal, let’s go!”

Gutierrez stated that he prefers to keep his relationship secret when asked by Dasovich if he has ever posted anything about his new partner. Dasovich and actress-model Carla Humphries, who were linked by fans after visiting Los Angeles’ Urban Light installation art together last April, were also teased by Gutierrez.

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Personal life

Like his twin brother Richard, he began acting like a child. He has also appeared in Filipino films alongside his father and other siblings.

Who Is Raymond Gutierrez's Boyfriend?

Raymond is the funniest of the Gutierrez children, according to his parents, Eddie and Annabelle Gutierrez. Raymond, they claim, is the one who makes them laugh the hardest. Raymond is the most conscientious of his six siblings, according to his mother, and he was the only one who did not need a coach as he grew up.

His mother filed her Certificate of Candidacy as a congresswoman in Cebu in September 2012, however she lost in the 2013 elections.

In their reality TV show It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez, Gutierrez describes himself as a “Nightlife Connoisseur.”

Early Life

Raymond Gutierrez is the son of matinee hero Eddie Gutierrez and talent manager Annabelle Rosales Rama-Gutierrez and was born in Los Angeles, California. He is the fifth of six children. Ruffa Gutierrez is his older sister, Richard Gutierrez is his twin brother, Rocky Gutierrez and Elvis Gutierrez are his older brothers, and Ritchie Paul Gutierrez is his younger brother. Tonton Gutierrez and Ramon Christopher Gutierrez are his older half-brothers.

Who Is Raymond Gutierrez's Boyfriend?

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His family relocated to Beverly Hills, California, after spending a few years in the Philippines. In Beverly Hills, California, he attended Beverly Hills High School.