Who Is Rich Thurber's Girlfriend? Relationship Info!

Rich Thurber is a well-known film producer and Howie Mandel’s longtime manager.

Rich Thurber’s girlfriend is Alexandria Conway. The pair is said to have been together for a long time and to be extremely proud of their relationship.

According to her Instagram bio, Alexandria is a diet technician.

The couple may be upfront about their love and share images of themselves together and having fun on social media.

They’re all active on Instagram. Alexandria can be found on Instagram under the handle fireball1022. She has around 800 followers on Instagram. She is frequently seen posting images of herself having a great time outside, in particular.

Rich also has an Instagram account, richthurber, which has over 1,000 followers. He also has a lot of photos of himself and his girlfriend on Instagram. The duo appears to be having a wonderful time together.

The couple rose to fame as a result of their association with Mandel. Rich has helped the comic get to where he is now, and he is one of the persons the star comic most trusts.

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Rich recently made headlines after appearing on the popular show Celebrity IOU, in which his thirty-year best friend and shopper Howie decided to surprise him with a completely refurbished home.

People are actually at ease when they see the comic’s amazing relationship with his supervisor. Both of them were reacting naturally to one another, which is a comfort that can only be witnessed between two close friends.

“What started as a professional working relationship turned into a personal relationship—we’re like brothers,” Mandel said in a statement. “Now, for the first time, I get to play a small role in ensuring that everything is in place for him to perform at his best.”

Rich Thurber’s Past Relationship

Rich was in a long-term relationship before he started dating Alexandria. Despite the fact that Rich was married to actress Paula Trickey for 14 years before they split, their marriage lasted 14 years. In 1996, they married and divorced in 2010.

Rich Thurber's Past Relationship

McKenna Thurber is the name of his child from that connection, according to reports. There are no reports of his being in a serious or long-term relationship aside from his marriage. He is one of the few well-known executives.

His most recent appearance in Celebrity IOU, which he shared with a friend and the show’s host, was unique. He seemed to have preferred the surprise and renovation brought about by his best friend’s decision.

After such a long period, he was relieved to receive this information. Mandel had recently misplaced his father, so he needed to do something to cheer him up. In some ways, he felt compelled to do something positive in his BFF’s life.

Rich Thurber’s Net Worth 

As a film producer and Howie Mandel’s longtime manager, Rich Thurber has acquired a large fortune.

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His net worth is expected to reach $7 million in 2022.

He earns a six-figure annual income of $400,000. This is in addition to significant bonuses and contract sponsorship arrangements.

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