Who Is Ryan García's Fiancee? Everything We Know

While Malu Trevejo’s rise to fame can be attributed to her willingness to be an open book online, she has become embroiled in a number of issues as a result. Her rumored romance with boxer Ryan Garcia has attracted a lot of attention — for all the wrong reasons — in addition to making news for her viral birthday celebration in mid-October 2020.

On Oct. 24, paparazzi photographed Ryan and the singer kissing outside of a prominent Los Angeles eatery.

While the photographs gave the impression that the two were dating, Ryan is already in a relationship. According to rumors, he is engaged to a woman who is expecting his second child (he has denied being engaged).

What is the name of Ryan Garcia‘s fiancée? The boxer, who is expecting a child with Drea Celina, spoke out against the charges of adultery.

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Who is Ryan García’s fiancée?

The 22-year-old fighter has been dating Drea Celina, though he has yet to post with her on his Instagram profile. She is expecting their first child together, and her due date appears to be near the end of 2020.

Drea’s Instagram account is currently private, but the page @TikTokRoom obtained a snapshot of her online reaction to Ryan and Malu’s images.

“Meanwhile, I pay a visit to my family, and he informs me that he is preparing for his fight. IG, ON THE OTHER HAND, SHOWS ME THIS “Over paparazzi images of Malu and Ryan engaged in a liplock, she said in an Instagram story. “I have 7 weeks until I give birth, and this piece of s—t continues to disgust me. While he hardly sees Rylie, his daughter with Catherine Gamez, he spends most of his time with her. Ryan Garcia is an EVIL HUMAN WHO IS HORRIBLE.”

Who Is Ryan García's Fiancee? Everything We Know

Ryan also responded to the viral photographs, denying that he and Drea were engaged. He said that he was “caught up in the moment” when he did what he did.

He stated on his Instagram story, “Just clarifying up some stuff I have seen involving Malu and Drea.” “Andrea and I aren’t married, but we’re still trying to work things out. Malu and I went there as friends, and we got caught up in the moment, but there’s nothing there, and I had no intention of hurting anyone. This is my personal life, and I will never speak about it again.”

After Ryan’s remark regarding the situation, it’s unknown if Drea responded again.

Malu also shared her side of the incident on the internet. The 18-year-old singer said via an Instagram live that she never knew Ryan was in a relationship, according to the Twitter account @DefNoodles.

“I decided to meet up with him because he seemed like a decent man. He was a lovely young man. And, while he admitted to having a child, he never revealed that he was engaged. And he never told me he was expecting another child. However, he’s a pretty sweet guy. That was new to me…” Malu remarked. “But, in any case, I had no idea he was engaged. I texted him and questioned why he didn’t tell me, to which he replied that it’s because they’re on and off…”

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Is Ryan Garcia the father of a child?

The WBC Silver lightweight already has a child with his ex-girlfriend, Catherine Gamez, as Drea mentioned in her own article regarding the adultery drama.

On March 21, 2019, the former couple welcomed a daughter named Rylie into the world. She’s a regular on her mother’s website, and Ryan has also shared things with his daughter on the internet.

Catherine tweeted her support for Drea in the Ryan/Malu/Drea drama.

Who Is Ryan García's Fiancee? Everything We Know

“Regardless of everything I’ve been through in the past. Don’t worry about the past. Andrea is a wonderful person, and I want you to know that. It’s really sweet. It’s not acceptable for anyone to tell her she deserves it “On October 25, Catherine sent out a tweet. “She is a wonderful woman who has also aided Rylie. I adore Rylie’s friends.”

According to their respective posts, both the “Hasta Luego” singer and Drea appear to be bidding their goodbyes to Ryan… for the time being.

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