Who Is Shakur Stevenson's Girlfriend?

Shakur is a youthful, self-assured boxer. Between 2019 and 2020, he held the WBO featherweight title.

Young Lyric, a rapper, is Shakur Stevenson’s girlfriend.

They’ve been seen together in a number of places. They also talk about their romance openly on social media.

Stevenson’s girlfriend is a well-known rapper and performer. Lyric Michelle Ragston is her true name. Her father is also a musician.

Lyric has also collaborated with some of hip-biggest hop’s names. She has also recorded remixes of Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Wiz Khalifa’s big tracks.

Shakur’s first song was recorded by his lover when she was seven years old. Since then, she has begun to perform songs.

Lyric has been dubbed “The Best 15-Year-Old Rapper Alive” by his peers.

In reality, she previously had a connection with NBA YoungBoy.

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Shakur Stevenson’s Ex-Girlfriend, Jajaira Gonzalez

Shakur has had two notable recent girlfriends, both of whom have been in the spotlight with him. Jajaira Gonzalez, his ex-girlfriend, and Michelle Ragston, a.k.a. Young Lyric, his most recent girlfriend and female rapper.

Jajaira Gonzalez is Joet Gonzalez’s sister, who Stevenson defeated to win the WBC Featherweight title. Jajaira is a former Youth Olympic gold medalist who is no stranger to the ring.

In 2013, the couple met for the first time in the Junior World Team Open. They didn’t start conversing really until 2015, after Jajaira’s demoralizing failure at the Olympic trials forced her to abandon her Olympic dreams.

Jajaira enlisted in the US Army in 2016, but she kept her gloves on. She is still a member of the United States Army boxing team. She began dating Stevenson in 2016, but their connection only lasted a few years before he moved on to his next partner. The reason for their breakup is unknown.

The fight drew a lot of attention in the boxing world since both boxers were fighting for personal reasons. Shakur’s relationship with Jajaira was not well received by the Gonzalez family, which included Jajaira’s father and Joet.

Who Is Shakur Stevenson's Girlfriend? Complete Info!

It didn’t take Shakur long to locate his new flame, who is the polar opposite of his ex-girlfriend Gonzalez. Young Lyric is the stage name of Michelle Ragstone.

About Shakur Stevenson’s Parents

Shahid Guyton and Malikah Stevenson are Shakur Stevenson’s parents.

Stevenson is, in fact, his parents’ oldest child. He is one of nine siblings.

Wali Moses, Shakur’s grandfather, taught him the fundamentals of boxing. At the moment, he was five years old. On the other hand, he considers Andre Ward to be his boxing role model.

Stevenson was named after the late rapper Tupac Shakur by his parents.

In 2019, Shakur’s father died of a heart attack, according to reports. At the time, he had turned 40 years old. He announced his demise through a Twitter post.

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Shakur Stevenson’s Net Worth

Shakur Stevenson has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars.

His fight with Felix Carabello had netted him $450,000.

Also, @shakurstevenson is Stevenson’s Instagram handle. On Instagram, he has more than 398k followers.

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