Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello had a hot relationship in 2019 and shared many sweet moments before splitting.

Mendes and Cabello met five years ago while opening for Austin Mahone. Mendes had just won a Vine contest and Cabello was still in Fifth Harmony. Since their first meeting, the two have remained close and supportive.

The music stars have teased each other over the years, with one of the earliest occurrences occurring in 2015. In November of that year, Mendes admitted to trying to “make a move” on Cabello after the host of the show inquired about their relationship. The “Treat You Better” singer said his longtime pal always “swerves” him.

“There’s no way you haven’t made out,” James Corden said, implying that he didn’t “believe” them. “He friend-zones me! ‘Kid!’”

In 2017, Mendes and Cabello collaborated on “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. The following year, Mendes told Beats 1 that Cabello was his “favourite person in the world,” prompting Cabello to express her admiration.

In June 2019, the duo released the sultry single “Seorita” to officially heat things up. Soon after the song’s release, Cabello and Hussey began seeing each other everywhere before confirming their romance the following month.

Despite their success as pop stars, the duo prefers to keep their romance a secret.

“I dunno; people can say whatever,” she told Elle in October 2019. “They can speculate, but we will live our lives, enjoy them, and fall in love like nobody is watching. That’s the life I want. I never want people to feel involved. Like I said, I want it both. That’s why I’m so quiet about it: to protect it.”

Scroll down to see the couple’s history, including their 2021 split:

July 2014

Mendes and Cabello met on Mahone’s 2014 tour. She described the “Stitches” artist as “always on the tour bus, just learning guitar” in her June 2019 V magazine interview.

Who Is Shawn Mendes Dating? Everything We Know!

November 2015

I Know What You Did Last Summer” was released months later by Cabello and Mendes. The song, Cabello’s first solo effort outside of Fifth Harmony, was about a couple who hit a major snag in their relationship and drifted apart.

March 2017

Shawnmila shippers haven’t seen much of the duo since “IKWYDLS,” but they returned in early 2017 to cover Ed Sheeran’s romantic track “Kiss Me.”

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April 2018

“She’s my favourite person in the whole world,” Mendes said in a “Beats 1” interview. The “Consequences” singer, moved by his words, tweeted that she “shouldn’t be crying at this time of the morning”. She also said she adored him.

Who Is Shawn Mendes Dating? Everything We Know!

July 2019

They were first seen holding hands in West Hollywood and then partying together on the 4th of July one day later. Then they went to San Francisco for two more dates on Mendes’ tour. They were filmed kissing in a Bay Area cafe. “They were deeply in love. “Shawn and Camila were splitting pancakes,” an observer told Us on July 13.

August 2019

To quell romance rumours, Cabello shared a steamy bathtub photo on August 2. “I may appear to be free… but I’m just a prisoner of your love,” Macy Gray sang in the caption.

March 2020

Cinderella-themed birthday party for Cabello in England on March 3 after she was cast in the 2021 live-action adaptation of the classic fairy tale.

Who Is Shawn Mendes Dating? Everything We Know!

October 2020

On October 1, Mendes teased fans with “lotssss of love songs for Camila” on his fourth album, Wonder. “I don’t know if she’s credited all over the album, but she should be because there was nobody giving me more advice and encouragement to just stick to the way I felt about the music that I wanted to make,” he said on SiriusXM’s The Pulse. In an Instagram post, the Cinderella star called the record “a gorgeous gift to the world.”

November 2020

Tarzan, the couple’s puppy, was introduced by the singer. A video of Tarzan roaming around the house was also shared by Mendes.

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December 2020

The “Monster” singer confirmed to ET that he and the “My Oh My” singer have discussed getting engaged. “Indeed. “I think if I’m not willing to talk about it, I kind of check out,” he said.

Who Is Shawn Mendes Dating? Everything We Know!

July 2021

“Happy 2 years my baby,” he wrote alongside a kissing photo from the Caribbean. “Happy anniversary Kuko here’s to more joy, friendship, and love,” Cabello captioned a series of photos from their romantic trip.

September 2021

“Congratulations my love, I’m so proud of you,” Mendes wrote on Instagram after seeing Cinderella with Cabello in September. “I’ve never seen anyone work as hard as you did to be professional, kind, and genuine. I adore you. Such a lovely film with a lovely message.”

Who Is Shawn Mendes Dating? Everything We Know!

October 2021

In a Glamour interview, the Cinderella actress opened up about the pair’s public romance and the constant social media gossip.

“When negative stuff is out there, it will get to you,” she told the magazine. “That is very difficult. Another thing therapy has helped me with.”

January 2022

Two months after calling it quits, Mendes and Cabello reunited in Miami and took Tarzan for a walk. In late January, she praised Mendes’ new music. “Y’all dig this?” the musician captioned a behind-the-scenes Instagram video. “Ur wildcat,” Cabello said.

Who Is Shawn Mendes Dating? Everything We Know!

March 2022

Cabello clarified in an interview with Zane Lowe that the song is about how “things change and take really unexpected turns.” “I love Shawn and there is literally nothing but love for him,” she said, noting that they both grew up and focused on different things. Priorities change as you get older, she says. “And I think it was for both of us. Because we started so young, it’s almost like we’re learning to be adults.”

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