Who Is Simon Konecki Dating? Complete Info!

Simon Konecki was born in New York City on April 17, 1974. Andrew Konecki and Rosemary Konecki reared him in England after he was born in the United States. Victoria Konecki and Alexandra Konecki are Konecki’s two younger sisters. He attended Prestigious Boys School to complete his studies and Elton College to obtain his degree.

Who Is Simon Konecki Dating?

He is now single and not dating anyone.

Who Is Simon Konecki Dating? Complete Info!

In terms of his personal life, he married Clary Fisher in 2003, however the couple split after four years of marriage. Simon began dating Adele in 2011 and they married in 2012, however the couple split up in 2019. His wife has custody of their kid, and the couple has a child together.

Simon Konecki’s Net Worth

Simon Konecki is a good businessman in his professional life, which accounts for his estimated net worth of $ 5 million to $ 10 million. Simon is quite prosperous, and his business allows him to easily supply water to the back areas. A variety of jobs were completed over time. Many admirers claim that he worked as a broker before joining the Non-Profit Organization.

He founded the company Drop4Drop. He is regarded as one of the most famous businessmen of all time due to his pay and reputation. After meeting Lucas White, Simon’s life began to change. Simon’s tremendous success is due to their collaboration in planning prospects to establish their own firm.

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Simon Konecki’s Career

Simon began his job as a trader when he was only 17 years old. He worked as a director at EBS, a subsidiary of the trading juggernaut Icecap, after managing the senior broker team at Lehman Brothers.

Who Is Simon Konecki Dating? Complete Info!

In his business, he collaborates with Tom Parker-Bowles and Bear Grylls. He chose to link up with his college friend Lucas White in 2005 to start his own firm. They both founded their own company, a non-profit organisation that promotes for and works to provide clean water to the world’s poorest regions.

He and his friend Lucas recently started their own bottle brand, “Life Water.”

About Simon Konecki And Adele

Adele appears to have spent a significant amount of time with him on travels and vacations. However, they both chose at that time to keep all facts of their relationship private.

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But, after Adele revealed her first pregnancy on her social media platform in 2012, everything became evident. And this was not long after they began dating. This time, the couple was completely devoted to one another.

About Simon Konecki And Adele

Adele, on the other hand, has never spoken about her wedding plans. Because she was embarrassed to discuss her divorce. They have been wedded to each other since 2016, according to her followers. And everything was fine at first, until things between them went awry.

Both the former couple claim to have lost their love for one another. Adele and Simon decided to divorce in the year 2019. Their split has now been certified by the court. In addition, Adele released her new album ’30,’ which was devoted entirely to her journey through her mental troubles.