Who Is Sophie Hermann's Boyfriend?

When Tom Zanetti, a celebrity DJ, and Sophie Hermann, a Made-in-Chelsea “Duchess” (not a genuine Duchess met and fell in love on Celebs Go Dating in Spring 2021, they reminded us a lot of Millie Mackintosh and Pro Green. The drama was shot in the English countryside in a £30 million home.

Despite the fact that they clicked on screen when they both failed to connect with the audience’s surprise! and despite Tom making cameos in Sophie’s hometown of Chelsea, the romance didn’t continue, and they broke up a few months later.

Who Is Sophie Hermann's Boyfriend?

“Yes, we have gone our separate ways,” Tom admitted that they were no longer together. But I wish the duchess all the best.

“We had a terrific time getting to know each other and making memories that last a lifetime,” he told new! magazine, “but our lives are so different and we’re so busy that we just couldn’t commit.”

Sophie also cried on Made in Chelsea after their breakup.

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Sophie Hermann And Tom Zanetti Relationship Timeline

When it comes to connecting celebrities with average people, the most popular dating program on E4 may not have the finest track record, but when it comes to coupling celebrities with other celebrities, they perform considerably better. Sophie and Tom didn’t seem like they’d end up together at first, but as they began filming the covid-safe Mansion series in January, whispers began to circulate about them.

Even though they had both dated people who weren’t a good match, Tom and Sophie were a real pair by the end of the series. “It’s not something we condone,” dating therapist Anna Williamson told the Closer website, “but there tend to be celebs with wandering eyes in every series we do.” They become extremely tight, almost as if they are a family. We don’t encourage it, but it does happen, and Paul and I are on the lookout for someone who might know someone else.

Sophie acknowledged they were dating during a Q&A with another CGD sign-up, Chloe Ferry, and their Valentine’s Day faux pas were swiftly forgotten. I adore seeing you and Tom together; it’s so refreshing and adorable.

Who Is Sophie Hermann's Boyfriend?

Tom was telling Closer everything he could about his new girlfriend just a few weeks later. “It was amazing how wonderfully everything came together. “I had no indication she liked me the first day we met,” he explained. “I’d never seen Made in Chelsea before, so I was like, “Wow, who is that?” I hadn’t seen her before. You wouldn’t know we chatted a lot behind the scenes, and that was true from the start.”

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Sophie and Tom stopped following one other on social media in June, and Tom admitted, “Yes, we’ve parted ways.” But I wish the duchess all the best.” We had a terrific time getting to know one other and creating memories that will last a lifetime, but we couldn’t commit because our lives are so different and we’re both so busy. After photographs and videos of them looking comfortable on a night out were uploaded online, Tom has linked to Instagram beauty Chloe Saxon just a few days after.