Who Is Sssniperwolf Dating? Everything We Know!

SSSniperWolf Lia is a popular gaming YouTuber. Fans, subscribers, and other online personalities are curious about SSSniperWolf’s lover. The Youtuber has been dating Evan Sausage on-and-off for years.



Evan Sausage left a message for SSSniperWolf in 2013 saying, “I’d pull my balls through shattered glass to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie.” Lia a.k.a. SSSniperWolf found it humorous and replied. After some conversation, she handed him her number. Evan Sausage, SSSniperWolf’s boyfriend, catfished her at first, then he sent her his genuine photo, which Lia appreciated. She liked Evan because he had long hair and a beard. Initially, they’d converse all day. Eight hours sometimes. Then they met.

Since this was their first relationship, the first meet was tense. According to SSSniperWolf, her lover ran away when they met.

Who Is Sssniperwolf Dating? Everything We Know!

In the beginning of their relationship, Lia’s anger issues caused several problems. The ship quickly sailed, and the two agreed to buy a house and get married soon.

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SSSniperWolf and her boyfriend first revealed their story of how they met in 2015 on her YouTube channel. Check out her YouTube channel if you’re interested. The video is fun.

The Hurdles- SSSNIPERWOLF’s Boyfriend and Her Fights with Him

You may wonder why we called them “bittersweet.” There’s cause to be curious about their on-off relationship, and if you’ve read this far, I’m sure you are. We’re all entertained by celebrity gossip. Read on to find out what was really going on with SSSniperWolf and her boyfriend when they first started dating.

2016 was difficult for SSSniperWolf and Evan Sausage. How do we know? SSSniperWolf documented her personal life and their relationship every day. She made a YouTube video in 2016 announcing their breakup. It was May. SSSniperWolf released another video about her guy in June of the same year. It was a video showing the two reuniting at the airport this time. The video was charming and made everyone love the two.

SSSniperWolf posted a video in September of the same year indicating the two had a breakup and opted to continue in the same house, but only as housemates.

Who Is Sssniperwolf Dating? Everything We Know!

They were in trouble with the law during one of their fights. She discussed this in her video ” ARRESTED.” In the video, she explains about how SSSniperWolf’s boyfriend, Evan, changed his phone’s wallpaper to a photo of another girl, which irritated her off. As a result, they fought. Maybe they were too loud, so a neighbour (they don’t know who) phoned the cops. The two were arrested for misbehaving and causing neighbourhood disruption.

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As of now, it seems like the two have calmed down and are still together despite a rocky past and a lot of history with their relationship. And we can assume they’re probably still together for two key reasons. First, in 2019, Evan Sausage filmed SSSniperWolf providing a house tour. In a May 2017 Q&A video, SSSniperWolf said no when asked if she has an ex. This explains why the couple is still together and why things are better now. Also, we sometimes see one in the other’s social media. I assume SSSniperWolf and her partner are still together.

Who Is Sssniperwolf Dating? Everything We Know!

True. All we can say about SSSniperWolf’s boyfriend for now. We’ll let you know if something exciting happens. Follow Insta Chronicles for the latest on your favourite series and celebs.