Implacable’s driver, who was widowed six years ago, has a wonderful personal present.

Carlos Hlawaczek, Susana Roccasalvo’s spouse, passed away in 2016 after a protracted battle with a terminal disease. Since then, the Implacable host has placed her love life on the back burner. However, she spoke with Florencia Pea this morning and verified that she had decided to bet on love once more.

“It’s been six years, but I’m in a good place personally. When Flor de Equipo asked Susana Roccasalvo how her little heart was doing, she replied, “I’m in one.”

Similarly, intending to disclose more information about his current companion, he stated: “It’s just been a month and a half.” He was introduced to me by ordinary folks. We hadn’t met in person, but we knew who each other were. He’d met me before. I’ve seen him on TV, and I admire his work. It isn’t from the center.”

“Did you picture yourself wanting to fall in love again, to fall in love with someone new?” Florencia Pea subsequently inquired about it, and she replied, “Yes because it was Charly’s last message.” ‘You are young, please continue your life,’ I say. ‘Then there is no fault.”

“It was a flash, so I wasn’t expecting it.” It has a magical quality to it. Susana Roccasalvo stated, “We’re going to claim I’m fine, not in love because otherwise, my kid gets bigger.”

A Fresh Start!

In 2013, Susana Roccasalvo and Carlos Hlawaczek married. After three years of dating, the journalist and the doctor married.

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“The relationship is improving and solidifying; we are not living together, certainly.” It’s difficult, and it’s far too soon. We see each other whenever we can, and he goes there. Tutu López stated before a situation that piqued the curiosity of every one of the program’s panelists, “She is cool, she is a good human being, wonderful.” But that wasn’t it; he went straight for more.

He claimed, more honest than ever, that he is still unaware of the children Sabrina Rojas shares with fellow actor Luciano Castro. “I’m still unfamiliar with his children.” “We’re talking about it, and it will happen at some point,” he insisted. Sabrina can no longer handle it! “I don’t understand the level of chores I’m doing with her right next to me,” the legendary Tucuman broadcaster explained.

“I met a really sensitive woman who is also from the interior, beyond how gorgeous she is physical.” We talk about a lot of stuff that I’m not aware of. We both come from large families, have a tight relationship with our families, and I’ve learned a lot as time has passed. “I’m pleased,” López stated in front of the cameras.

“We are not living together,” Susana Roccasalvo’s discharge said, paralysing everyone.

Nothing was salvaged, and he was determined to recount the whole story in front of the cameras. Everything transpired in a ” relentless ” loop, which Susana Roccasalvo enacts on Channel Nine’s screen. There, they chose to speak with none other than Tucu López, one of the most prominent figures in our country’s entertainment industry at the time, regarding his relationship with Sabrina Rojas.

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When asked about the romance that has produced such a sensation in the entertainment world, he stated emphatically that he is in the midst of one of the most beautiful periods of his life. “I had no intention of becoming a boyfriend or being in a relationship. It happened to me that I met a fantastic individual and everything just fell into place. The protagonist of Sex began by claiming, “I’m happy, it’s quite lovely.”

Susana Roccasalvo Biography

Susana Roccasalvo was born on October 22, 1955, in Argentina, and is a well-known journalist. Argentinian journalist, producer, and television personality who rose to prominence thanks to her appearances on América, Canal 9, and Canal 26. Implacable, Rumores and Minuto a Minuto are just a few of the shows she’s hosted. Susana Roccasalvo’s horoscope sign is Libra, according to astrologers.

Carlos Hlawaczek, her husband from 2013 to 2016, was her ex-husband.

Ethnicity, religion, and political beliefs

What is Susana Roccasalvo’s ethnicity, nationality, ancestry, and race? Let’s have a look, shall we? Susana Roccasalvo’s ethnicity is unknown, according to public resources IMDb and Wikipedia. In this article, we’ll keep you up to date on Susana Roccasalvo’s religious and political beliefs.

Susana Roccasalvo Net Worth

Susana Roccasalvo is a well-known actress who has a net worth of $1 million.

Susana is a well-known journalist who is among the wealthiest. Susana Roccasalvo’s net worth is estimated to be at $1.5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Susana Roccasalvo Relationship

Susana Roccasalvo is the wife of Carlos Hlawaczek, according to our records. Susana Roccasalvo hasn’t had a boyfriend since December 2021.

Susana Roccasalvo’s Past Partnerships: We don’t have any information about her previous relationships. You can assist us in compiling Susana Roccasalvo’s dating history.

Trivia and Facts

Susana is Listed among the most well-liked journalists. Also included in the elite list of well-known Argentina celebrities. Every year on October 22nd, Susana Roccasalvo celebrates her birthday.

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