Who Is Tamara Djordjevic From MAFS Dating Now? Complete Info!

Mitch Eynaud and Tamara Djordjevic, who star in Married At First Sight, have been the subject of romance rumours after becoming close during the show’s filming.

And Mitch’s ex-wife, Ella Ding, has now made a bombshell accusation against the two, claiming that they were involved in a secret romance that began before the filming even began.

The 28-year-old beautician, who has only recently revealed her separation from Mitch, told Allan & Carly on Tuesday: ‘The word on the street is that they had been together for quite some time.’

‘That is what we have been taught throughout the process. And there’s conjecture that it’s been going on for quite some time, possibly even before the filming began,’ she continued.

Who Is Tamara Djordjevic From MAFS Dating Now? Complete Info!

‘I’m simply trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together on my own.’

‘I mean, it would make sense if they were up to something the whole time, because it would explain why Mitch wasn’t committed… it would make sense,’ Ella added.

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In fact, I don’t even know where to begin looking for answers, and I don’t believe we will ever find them.

Afterwards, Allan and Carly spoke with adulterous couple Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos, and they were asked to remark on the rumours surrounding Tamara and Mitch’s relationship.

According to Carolina, ‘we have heard the rumours [and] we feel that the rumours are true.’

According to her, Tamara and Mitch’s deception was more worse than anything she or Daniel had done because Mitch and Ella’s connection was genuine in the first place.

It was her contention that “we never had anything with our matched mates.”

‘Yes, they did. As a result, they formed an emotional attachment to their matched companions, and their actions are more of a slap in the face to their partners than ours.’

Channel Nine has been contacted for comment by the Daily Mail Australia.

It was in February that Tamara, 29, and Mitch, 27, both of whom work in the real estate operations industry, ignited rumours of a possible recoupling after they were photographed getting cosy at a Gold Coast pub.

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The gossip mill went into overdrive at Sunday’s MAFS reunion when it was revealed that Tamara had been attempting to ‘pick up’ Mitch through text message while shooting was taking place at the time.

Brent Vitiello, Tamara’s former “husband,” shockingly stated that she had sought to “get with another husband” while participating in the experiment during the drama-filled episode.

‘It all started with a couple of texts. She didn’t waste any time in trying to set up a meeting with this individual. ‘I was aware of the texts,’ he admitted.

‘She appeared to be pretty interested.’ It demonstrates the kind of person she is.’