Who Is Trae Young's Girlfriend?

Rayford Trae Young born September 19, 1998, is an NBA professional basketball player for the Atlanta Hawks NBA. He was a member of the Oklahoma Sooners basketball team in college. With 22 single-game assists in 2017, he tied for the NCAA Division I single-game assist record at the time. Young is the only player in NCAA history to lead the NCAA in both points and assists in the same season. “Ice Trae” is his nickname.

Is Trae young Dating Anyone?

Trae Young, a point player for the Atlanta Hawks, is looking forward to marrying.

Young told The Washington Post that he and Shelby Miller, his long-term girlfriend, will marry in the summer of 2023. In December of last year, he proposed to Shelby.

“I got engaged during the season, so I didn’t have much of a break,” he explained. “All I could think about was basketball.” But now she’s in charge of the entire wedding.”

When it comes to wedding planning, Young isn’t fully hands-off, but he is allowing Miller to take the lead.

“She’ll ask me little things about what I like here and there, but I’m kind of letting her do her thing,” said Young, who admitted he was “nervous” about proposing last month.

Who Is Trae Young's Girlfriend?

Young hasn’t requested any specific songs for the couple’s wedding reception, but he has stated, “I’m already a slow jams man.” We always have a good time hanging together and listening to slow jams. There will undoubtedly be excellent music.”

Young and Miller both announced their wedding plans on Instagram. The point guard has knelt in front of a blue balloon arch surrounded by candles. White rose petals littered the floor, and a nearby sign appeared to read, “Marry Me.”

Young and Miller met while they were both students at the University of Oklahoma, where they both cheered. She made their relationship on the Instagram public in October 2017, when he came to watch her cheer at an Oklahoma football game.

Young spent his summer making up for lost time with his fiancée and family after falling in the first round of the playoffs to the Heat in April.

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“I’m always locked in,” he said, “but now, I’m locked into various things.” “Whenever possible, I attempt to transport my younger brother to school, lunch, or wherever he needs to go.” This is crucial to me. It’s simple stuff like that. I believe it is critical to engage in activities other than basketball.

The Hawks got the No. 8 seed in the East after winning the play-in tournament. The Heat defeated them in five games in the first round of the playoffs, and they were eliminated. That occurred a year after Young led the Hawks to the Eastern Conference Finals when they were defeated by the Bucks in five games.

“I just want to keep getting better at being efficient,” Young said. “I’ve gotten better at it every year since I’ve been in the league, so I’m going to keep doing it.” Young will be in his fifth NBA season this year. “Because I’m getting older, my main aims for next season are to get stronger and in the greatest form I can.”

Who Is Trae Young's Girlfriend?

The 23-year-life old’s revolves around happiness. His Trae Young Family Foundation urges people to filter out harmful influences and focus on themselves instead. It partnered up with Trident Gum, which donated $200,000 to the cause in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month. He attempts to stick to his guns.

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His projections for 2021–22 support his optimistic outlook: He led the Hawks to the NBA’s second-best offensive rating last season. He was third in assists per game and sixth in points per game in the NBA.

He can focus on things that are excellent outside of sports now that his season is done. It’s like getting married and throwing a slow music party.