Who Is Tua Tagovailoa Girlfriend Annah Gore?

After a recent secret wedding, Tua Tagovailoa shocked his fans when he told them that Annah Gore was his wife.

Annah had been seeing the Miami Dolphins quarterback for a while, and both she and Tua tried to keep their marriage quiet by not talking about it. On the other hand, their fans and friends are happy that they are getting married and wish them a great life together.

Annah’s husband went to Alabama, where as a sophomore he won the Maxwell and Walter Camp Awards and was named the Most Valuable Player at the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship.

Tua Tagovailoa

The Miami Dolphins chose Tua with the fifth pick in the NFL Draft in 2020. A hip injury kept him from going to school his junior year.

The quarterback began his career as Ryan Fitzpatrick’s back-up on the Dolphins. After his first year, he became the starter, and from 2021 on, he will be Miami’s regular starter.

Meet Tua Tagovailoa Girlfriend Annah Gore

Annah Gore and Tua Tagovailoa met when they were both in high school, and they got along great.

Annah was born on June 11, 1999, in High Point, North Carolina, where she also grew up. She is 23 years old. When she was growing up, she had two sisters, Ally and Grace, and two brothers, Garrison and Ayden.

Even though her father works in business and her mother stays at home, the football player’s wife hasn’t talked about her parents yet.

anna gore

Her family is Christian, and she seems to be of Caucasian descent. Annah and Tagovailoa both went to college after high school. They both went to the University of Alabama.

She is also on Instagram as @annahgore. She has the same number of followers as her husband, which is 932.

Gore is very private and doesn’t want the media to know anything about her life. She has also made her Instagram private.

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When Did They Get Married?

Annah and Tua got married in Davie, Florida, on July 18, 2022. They just got married a few months ago, so they didn’t want to tell anyone about it until they were ready.

But Outkick reported the news, citing the Broward County Clerk of Courts and the writer Andy Slater, who tweeted that Tagovailoa had bought another ring. The writer told the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins that he got married and said that the quarterback heard about it from a church.

Annah Gore

Everyone, especially his fans, was surprised to hear that he got married, because he had never talked about his girlfriend in public.

The player had never talked about Annah on social media before, and Annah was only shown to the public when they got married.

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Annah And Tua Had An Affair Before They Got Married

Before they got married, Annah and Tua were having an affair. Even the fact that they loved each other before getting married was easy to hide.

When they were dating and having a good time together, no one knew they were together.

Annah and Tua have never talked about how they met or fell in love. From what I can tell, they seem to be a good match and have been nice to each other.

Tua Tagovailoa

The couple hasn’t shared any wedding photos or information on social media.

The football player’s wife seems to be a kind, caring person who has always pushed him to do well in life.

His wife may have come to the stadium to watch him play football and cheer for him. Both of them seem happy with their new starts and like they’ve found the love of their lives in each other.