Being the long-time host of the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune,” Vanna White is a legend in the television industry. White is a charming and consistent presence on television, but she largely keeps her personal life a secret. According to Pop Culture, the TV personality miscarried after announcing her pregnancy in 1992 as part of a programming puzzle.

After falling in love, the “Wheel of Fortune” star married George Santo Pietro, the father of her two children. After filling in for host Pat Sajak on the popular game show while he was away for medical reasons, White has subsequently gained more notoriety, assuming a role many fans think she has long earned. Viewers will be ecstatic to find that White is peacefully settled with a loving and devoted long-term partner, as their curiosity about the star’s personal life is growing.

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The love of John Donaldson’s life is Vanna White.

According to Closer Weekly, Vanna White and John Donaldson first connected through shared friends in 2012. He is nice, understanding, and allows me to be myself, the game show host gushed. Although they have been together for a while, they are not in a hurry to be married. White claims that because it seems like they are already wed, “there is no reason to alter anything.” Despite not being a Hollywood celebrity,

Donaldson has built the houses of several of the industry’s greatest names, including Martin Mull of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” Dan Akroyd, and Richard Dreyfuss. Donaldson launched his own business, JDC Construction + Development Group, in 1992.

Creating “a variety of residential property restorations, from unique single-family houses to apartment buildings ranging from 100 to 600 units,” according to their website, JDC primarily serves Southern and Northern California. He apparently hit it along with the “Wheel of Fortune” host right away, and the four of them routinely go on vacation together. He also plays a significant role in her children’s life.

Meanwhile, White said that the ideal date night for the couple would be “a really basic supper with a bottle of wine.” She raved about Donaldson in a 2021 interview with ET Canada “We’ve been together for a long time,” she simply said, “and he feels like a husband, too. He would be my spouse.”

Does Vanna White intend to wed John Donaldson soon?

Vanna White has often insisted that she is not pressured to wed her longtime boyfriend John Donaldson in June 2021, but a source informed the OK! magazine that the happy pair was planned to be married shortly. At the time, a source said White wanted to wed before turning 65 in February 2022. They speculated the wedding would even happen in Hawaii that summer, with none other than Pat Sajak escorting White down the aisle.

They said, “Pat believes John’s a fantastic man, which matters a lot to Vanna. John frequently stops by the set and gets along with everyone on the staff. After her last divorce, White had naturally lost interest in marriage, but being with Donaldson has apparently made her reconsider the institution.

The presenter of “The Tamron Hall Show” also erroneously referred to the contractor as White’s fiancé during an interview earlier that year.

The “Wheel of Fortune” veteran acknowledged it didn’t matter too much because they already feel like they’re married—perhaps because they are?—although she subsequently reversed herself.

John Donaldson and Vanna White’s children get along great.

It’s important to remember that there were speculations the pair were planning to wed in 2018 as well. According to Radar Online, the TV star refused to sign a prenuptial agreement because she believed it would curse the relationship. An informant also revealed that when Vanna White first met John Donaldson, she realized right away that she had discovered someone special. They disclosed, “Simply put, she is at ease around John. He adores her and doesn’t mind that she’s famous. Even her children adore him.”

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This is consistent with the family’s online persona. Although White generally keeps things secret, she frequently posts pictures of the four of them — herself, Donaldson, and White’s grown children, Nikko and Gigi — enjoying themselves. Notably, they went on a Hawaiian trip, and she also shared a happy photo of them to mark the start of 2018. White sent a joyful Christmas greeting the year before that included the four of them once more.

The fact that Donaldson referred to the gathering in all three instances as her “family” merely goes to demonstrate how devoted she is to her kids.

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