Who remembers High School Musical’s cool, romantic guy? We’re willing to wager that everyone does. Zac Efron is the one and only. Back in 2006-2008, every adolescent girl secretly wished to be Zac Efron’s girlfriend.

After all, why not? He was the most attractive man on television and afterwards in Hollywood.

Girls adore his emerald eyes, sharp nose, and jaw, and they adored his portrayal of lover-boy Troy in High School Musical. If you’re a Zac Efron fan, you’ve probably had a crush on him at some point.

Despite this, this handsome man has dated a number of lovely ladies. Despite the fact that none of them were successful, their journeys were certainly colourful.

Let’s take a peek at Zac Efron’s dating history and current relationship. Some individuals are suspicious about Zac’s sexuality and believe he is gay. This, however, is merely a rumor.

Who is Zac Efron now dating?

Vanessa Valladares may have been Zac Efron’s girlfriend in 2022, but they broke up in April of 2021. Instead, in June 2020, Zac began a relationship with a stunning Australian model.

The couple met last summer in Australia and have been dating for ten months.

Everyone believed they couldn’t manage with the long-distance relationship because Zac was in Canada and Vanessa was in Australia, despite the fact that their reason for breaking up was unclear.

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After sharing some romantic photos on Instagram, the couple appeared to be extremely promising. When Zac returned to Australia, they were also considering purchasing a home.

Unfortunately, luck was not on their side. Zac has been single since January 2022 and is not dating anyone.

We’re confident that the actor will find someone with whom he can spend the rest of his life. And as fans, we’re just waiting for Zac’s big announcement.

Who has Zac Efron dated in the past?

Vanessa Hudgens (2005-2010)

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens dated for five years in the early 2000s, as you probably already know. They met as teens on the set of High School Musical, but their romance ended in December 2010. Troy and Gabriella have “totally lost contact” since then, which is terrible because I was still hoping Troy and Gabriella would end up together in real life.

zac efron and vanessa hudgens

There is no ill will between them, despite the fact that they don’t speak as much as they used to. Vanessa recently expressed her thanks for the time she spent with Zac Efron. Vanessa said the connection helped her cope with her sudden stardom in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Awards Chatter Podcast.

Despite the fact that their relationship ended, Vanessa noted that she and Zac had instant chemistry when they first met. At the at least, we can experience the cute Troy and Gabriella days by rewatching HSM films. Vanessa has gone on with her partner, Austin Butler, and Zac is following his own interests, but at the very least, we can remember the cute Troy and Gabriella days by rewatching HSM films.

Lily Collins (2012-2013)

zac efron and Lily Collins

While Lily and Zac have lately spent a lot of time together to promote their new picture, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile, in which Zac plays infamous serial killer Ted Bundy, the two dated on and off between 2012 and 2013. They were frequently seen together, holding hands at Disneyland and even spending Valentine’s Day together in 2012, yet they never confirmed their relationship.

Sami Miró (2014-2016)

zac efron and sami Miró

Zac began dating model Sami Miró in 2014. Sami constantly recorded their romance on social media, and the two were irresistibly cute together. In 2016, the two broke up after dating for about two years. Many people believe Zac erased all of his Instagram images with Sami and even unfollowed her, implying that the relationship did not end amicably.

Alexandra Daddario (2017)

zac efron and Alexandra Daddario

Another love story, another film. Zac was accused of dating his Baywatch co-star Alexandra Daddario in 2017. During promotional interviews for the film, they were incredibly flirty and shared cute photographs on social media, but their relationship was never verified.

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Sarah Bro (2019)

After being seen together during a UFC fight in Las Vegas, where they sat ringside, Sarah and Zac were rumored to be dating. The two “looked to be having a good time” when they arrived at the fight, according to a News source. They were “smiling and joking in their seats,” but “not overtly amorous in public,” even if they did leave the event together.

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