We’ve moved on. Matt and Amy Roloff startled Little People, Big World fans in 2015 when they announced their divorce after nearly three decades of seemingly happy marriage.

The exes, who have four children, twins Jeremy and Zach, Molly, and Jacob, announced their divorce in a statement pledging to be amicable not just for their children but also for their business.

And it’s a commitment they’ve kept since their breakup; yet, after marrying her new love, Chris Marek, she chose to leave her life on the farm behind.

Amy not only bought her first property in October 2019, but Matt also fired her as secretary of their family business in 2021, according to In Touch on July 20.

Amy and Matt’s divorce was finally finalized in 2016.

The former flames completed the agreement in May 2016, more than a year after Amy filed for divorce.

Even though they had been divorced for a long time, the former husband and wife found it difficult to divide their memories and things. “We’ve agreed that ‘your stuff is yours and mine is mine.’ “I don’t think we have any disagreements there,” Matt said on their reality program. “It’s difficult to divide up 28 years of possessions.” It’s not a pleasant procedure.”

“This is difficult,” Amy acknowledged. “Life occurs, and we don’t plan for it to happen to us.” That is exactly what is occurring to us right now.”

The Holidays Were Tough

Matt and Amy were unprepared for how tough their first Thanksgiving as ex-spouses would be, especially because their four children would have to divide their time between the parents, perhaps leaving one of them alone on what should be a beautiful event celebrated with loved ones. “Because I’m going through a divorce, this will be my first Thanksgiving without anyone here, like no family,” Amy complained on an episode of LPBW. “I’m at a loss for what to do because I’ve never had to deal with anything like this before.” It’s a difficult time in my life right now.”

“We knew [divorce] was going to be painful, but what we didn’t understand is that you have to share your kids with the in-laws,” Matt said in the same episode.

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The Exes Had Differing Opinions on Commitment

Matt explained in his book, Against Tall Odds, how he and his ex-wife had very different conceptions of the word “commitment” — though they never formally acknowledged it as a factor in their divorce. “While Amy places commitment towards the top of her list, I would place it lower,” he wrote. “Amy is more of a committed-to-the-death type of person, whereas I consider most obligations — with a few significant exceptions — as flexible and adjustable.”

Of course, this revelation sparked outrage among followers, who wondered if adultery was involved in the separation. Amy discussed Matt’s apparent involvement with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, while they were still married in an unearthed Facebook Live video in May 2020, and warned fans about her worries regarding adultery.

Despite their disagreements throughout the years, Amy and Matt have tried hard to get along for the sake of their children. In November 2019, he even highlighted the value of “family togetherness” in the caption of a photo.

Amy and Matt are pleased with their new partners.

Matt has moved on with Caryn, the family’s former farm manager, since their divorce, while Amy got engaged to Chris in September 2019. They later married in August 2021.

“I never believed I’d get married again in a million years, but I also wished for it!” “Now that it’s happening, I couldn’t be happier or more pleased,” the bride-to-be said of her September 2019 engagement to People.

Are Matt and Caryn getting married as well? In April 2020, he hinted at the idea when a fan begged him to “marry” her since “she’s a jewel.”

Amy Married on Roloff Farm

Amy announced in a June 2021 episode of LPBW that she and Chris opted to marry on Roloff Farm after assessing their wedding location possibilities. “This was difficult, but the farm has lovely landscape, and we just don’t know what’s going to happen with COVID, so having it there is easier,” the A Little Me author added.

Later, Matt showed off his “dream barn,” which was being built on the site and was utilized for the couple’s wedding.

“We’re still hoping to finish this structure in time for Amy and Chris’s huge impending wedding… “I’ve got the greatest staff working on it,” the father of four commented on July 17, showing the beams still being prepped.

According to People, the pair ultimately said “I do” in August 2021 in front of 146 of their closest relatives and friends on Saturday, August 28. The bride wore a sparkling white ballgown and veil, while the groom wore a tuxedo and tie.

Amy and Caryn have “Come A Long Way.”

After overcoming some severe unpleasantness, the ex-couple has kept their pledge to be friendly. The former lovers and their respective partners have formed a bond, from navigating family birthday gatherings to Amy even entertaining Matt and his girlfriend in her new Oregon home.

Mark and Caryn included flights for Chris and Amy to visit them in Arizona as a wedding present. While the former husband and wife’s relationship has improved, Amy acknowledged it’s “not easy” for her to see her ex in his new shared home with his partner.

“There’s just too much history for me,” the matriarch said to LPBW producers in a June 2022 episode. “It’s my ex.” It’s his girlfriend, and I don’t want to fake or put on a show that everything is OK and nothing has occurred.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever forget the past,” the author of A Little Me continued, “but I hope I can utilize the past to establish a positive norm.”

Caryn stated that she and Amy had “gone a long way” in their relationship. “I think there’s a minor component that would be difficult,” she continued, “but we’re all adults.”

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