Why Did Shanna Moakler And Travis Barker Divorce?

Shanna Moakler’s marriage to Travis Barker terminated after she discovered he had been sending improper emails to other women.

Blink-182’s lead singer Travis Barker married Kourtney Kardashian in a surprise ceremony early Monday morning in Las Vegas. Or the artist said that when he was recovering from a plane crash in 2008, his then-wife searched through his new laptop while he slept and discovered his extramarital affairs.

He writes in the book, “Shanna went on my laptop when I was sleeping, and all of my e-mail accounts were open.” “She went through every one of my e-mails from the three or four years leading up to the plane disaster.” She had received communications from roughly thirteen different girls in the year leading up to the tragedy.

“She didn’t want to hear about it, even though we had been together on and off over that time.” We did our own thing after we split up, but I would never have told her, “Look, I’m going out with this girl and that girl,” and so on. I tried to keep a clean record in case we ever got back together because she was the lady who gave birth to my children.

“She was interested in a lot of girls but didn’t know much about others.” The way everything was laid bare. “I was enraged.”

When Barker awoke, Moakler was nowhere to be found. He instantly discovered why she wasn’t there when he looked at his laptop.

He stated, “I opened my computer and looked at the emails I’d sent, and she’d written to every single one of them.”

Why Did Shanna Moakler And Travis Barker Divorce?

She told me about any naked images, videos, or obscene emails they gave me. “Kill*** you b*, how dare you to meddle with my boyfriend, this is Shanna, f you,” the note said.

When Shanna found out about Barker’s prior relationships, she cried, according to the book.

In addition, he discussed his brief marriage to Melissa Kennedy, whom he married in 2001. The marriage was also wrecked, according to Barker, by adultery before they were even married. They broke up in 2002.

“I was always hunting for other girls before I married Melissa.” I’d pick them up at strip joints and other places when I could. Even on the night of my bachelor party, I wasn’t married yet.

“I made a commitment to be good once we were married, and I kept it. But even as I walked down the aisle, I felt like I was making a mistake.”

Travis Barker Wild Bachelor Party

According to his pal Brett Vann, the singer had a bit of an “orgy” at his bachelor party a few days before his wedding in a California club.

“The next thing you know, this chick started sucking his d*** on the dance floor,” Vann recalled of Barker. “ “All right, let the strippers begin,” they said as they escorted him onto the stage. Then everything went berserk. Travis just sat there and grinned while twenty strippers performed on stage.”

Why Did Shanna Moakler And Travis Barker Divorce?

There were also additional women on the stage. “Then girls were sucking his d* again,” Vann explained. “There will not be one, two, or twenty girls.” Every every woman in the room wanted to deck-suck him. Travis had the lips of at least thirty to forty different ladies on his d” two days before his wedding.

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Barker eventually divorced Kennedy because he had fallen in love with another lady. “We hadn’t been married for a year yet, but I was already moving on,” Barker recalled.

About Travis Barker And Kim Kardashian

Barker recounted in another section of his book about spending time in Amsterdam with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, his now-younger wife’s sister, while on tour.

He remarked, “Kim used to help people tidy their closets, and she was Paris’ closet girl at the time.” “She’d take Paris’s suitcases, put them in the closet, unpack them, and hide them anywhere Paris could.”

Why Did Shanna Moakler And Travis Barker Divorce?

“I was having a great time and was delighted to inform everyone,” Barker reflected on the day the group spent together in the city. I continued sneaking around and told Lil Chris that I was looking at Kim. He responded, “Even if she’s the closet chick, she’s gorgeous.”

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After their vacation to the Netherlands, Barker and Kim Kardashian remained close, but the drummer claims that Moakler was not happy.