‘Winter House’ Stars Paige DeSorbo And Craig Conover’s Relationship Timeline!

Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover were longtime friends before they started dating.

Both Southern Charm and Summer House stars met on their respective Bravo shows.

”I met Craig three years ago, single.” “I was in a relationship and I respected that,” DeSorbo told Us Weekly in October 2021.

In 2021, DeSorbo and Conover filmed Winter House. Infatuated with Natalie Hegnauer.

In Vermont, I was unaware he had a lady. So I arrived disappointed. DeSorbo said he respected his girlfriend. I’m pleased he had a girlfriend because we built a platonic friendship. Everything has a purpose.

After the crossover series, Conover and Hegnauer split. Then he was single. By the fall, he was dating the fashionista.

“We like remoteness. Southern Charm’s season 8 started filming in South Carolina when DeSorbo told Us she’d likely feature on it. Then I fly off Friday morning. Me and you make me more present. We arrange fun activities without our phones.”

The two had been smitten since Conover recorded a Summer House episode for Kyle Cooke’s birthday in 2019.

“We are quite happy now,” he added. The two haven’t dated another actor. It’s welcome. We are each other’s biggest fans, which I have always desired.”

A timeline of their relationship is shown below:

February 2021

Winter House season 1 was filmed over 17 days in February 2020 with Cooke, Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard, Luke Gulbranson and Ciara Miller.

‘Winter House’ Stars Paige DeSorbo And Craig Conover’s Relationship Timeline!

April 2021

Fans believed something happened between DeSorbo and Conover in Vermont after she visited Charleston with friends after the crossover series finished. In an April 2021 interview with Us, she denied dating him.

May 2021

Insiders claim that things between the twosome began to heat up in May 2021.

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Summer 2021

During the summer of 2021, the two were hooking together. Conover was also seen filming Season 6 of Summer House on several occasions.

‘Winter House’ Stars Paige DeSorbo And Craig Conover’s Relationship Timeline!

October 2021

During an exclusive interview with Us, DeSorbo gushed over Conover while promoting Season 1 of Winter House.

“You’ll have to wait until the conclusion of our vacation to find out.” “Craig understands me,” she said cornily. “I don’t have to explain much because we view things the same.” “It just seems good, natural, and enjoyable.”

November 2021

DeSorbo revealed in an interview with EDaily !’s Pop that the couple spent Thanksgiving with Conover’s family in Delaware and her family in New York. When asked about the possibility of a future engagement, she joked, “We’ve only been dating for a few months, after all. But if I can con him into buying a diamond ring, I’ll do it!”

‘Winter House’ Stars Paige DeSorbo And Craig Conover’s Relationship Timeline!

December 2021

It was reported by DeSorbo in an interview with EDailyPop !’s that the couple celebrated Thanksgiving with both families. When questioned about future engagements, she remarked, “And we’ve only been dating for months. But I’ll get him a diamond ring if I can!”

January 2022

This summer’s Summer House will see DeSorbo and Conover fall in love, although their romance began months before production. The New Yorker told ET she and Conover first kissed in April 2021 but only “casually dated” after that.

The Vermont offshoot recording in March 2021 was likewise casual with DeSorbo. Conover and Denver’s visit to the Hamptons estate in July of 2021 put her in a love triangle.

‘Winter House’ Stars Paige DeSorbo And Craig Conover’s Relationship Timeline!

“I didn’t leave Andrea for Craig,” she told ET. As nobody’s girlfriend, I felt no duty to explain my choices. So I played all spring and summer.”

February 2022

“Am I a beach bride? Is it conceivable I won’t wear shoes? The Sports Illustrated Proudly Presents The Party was where DeSorbo disclosed her wedding preparations. The beach is out if we can see the water.

It’s up to Conover’s girlfriend as long as the Bahamas is viable.

This helped a lot, said the Delaware native of his beloved. Having mutual support is important in a relationship. Life is full of obstacles.”

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“Three-year crush” on her man from Southern Charm, DeSorbo claimed. Conover claimed he had “always admired” her. “I think so,” he answered when questioned about DeSorbo.

March 2022

Then I had to swallow my rage. Finale: What’s Wrong with My Sewing? on Summer House season 6 on his friendship with DeSorbo. “I was disappointed that they destroyed our relationship. After a long-term relationship, We stayed in different cities for three months and did our own thing.

‘Winter House’ Stars Paige DeSorbo And Craig Conover’s Relationship Timeline!

In the case of Paige, Conover wished for greater positivity. In the end, it is what it is. They cancelled our date because it was too nice. Those statements concerned me since Paige and I are the epitome of a successful non-traditional relationship.

First “portrayed in a negative way on television,” but now they are positive.

My folks concur.

” I couldn’t be with anyone else if Paige and I didn’t. Paige’s mother-in-law thinks she’s her. Conover told Us. In our fantasy world, we will get married and have kids after six months of dating.

April 2022

According to BravoTV.com, the businessman’s girlfriend will visit him in Charleston in May and June to help him plan his home upgrades. This excites me since I’m having a lot of work done on my property and she’ll definitely have input,” Conover told the site. “I’m preparing it for a partner.”

‘Winter House’ Stars Paige DeSorbo And Craig Conover’s Relationship Timeline!

Despite their “temporary” stay, they are “excited” to finally move in together. That’s where we’re going.”