Brendon Urie Controversy – EXPLAINED!

Panic! at the Disco has been accused of sexual misconduct. The band At The Disco is dealing with yet another significant scandal. Brendon Urie, the band’s frontman, is charged with sexually abusing a child. Urie’s history of racist, sexist, and ableist behaviors, as well as previous instances in which he touched someone without their consent, have come to light with the emergence of the latest charges.

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The most recent scandal surrounding Brendon Urie centers on a fresh accusation of sexual assault.

When band member Dallon Weekes’ wife Breezy Weekes came forward at the end of July to claim that Panic! At The Disco bodyguard Zack Hall had harassed her, Urie was encouraged to speak up. He was urged to stand out once again, this time in response to his own accusations, but he chose not to do so. A Twitter user named @kam02700814 revealed his 2009 encounter with Urie.

Kam claims that Urie asked him if he’d ever made out with a male, despite the fact that he told the man that he was a kid. The singer bemoaned his unsuccessful attempt to make out with a band member after hearing him say no. Urie claims that he fled from Kam when the singer made an effort to touch his thigh.

Following Kam’s remarks, several accusers have come forward. According to Twitter user @leah62053062, she experienced a similar incident in 2011 when she was 15 years old. She claims that she was brought backstage after her companions left a concert to go to a party, where she met Urie. She responded that she was 15 when he called her lovely, to which he said, “I didn’t intend it that way. Can I not praise a lovely girl?”

But she claims that after some time spent conversing on a couch, he started putting his hands on her inner thighs. He then attempted to grasp her butt after kissing her neck. She claims that when she felt him touch her genitalia, she swiftly fled.

These accusations have brought up more old debates.
While many of us regret prior statements or actions, Urie’s record is rather unsettling. Meaww claims that Urie has previously made remarks that were racial, misogynistic, transphobic, and ableist.

At one time, he could have also acknowledged allegedly harassing Ryan Ross, a former bandmate of Panic!

The huge number of horrific transgressions that Urie committed, as tweeted by the user @dinasapphic, doesn’t bode well for him.

Was the N-word used by Brendon Urie?

Fans have spotted Urie using the N-word on several occasions, despite the fact that it is only a phrase in another song. He was allegedly caught doing this on a Livestream, and @nerdjpg and @dinasapphic both called him out for it.

Urie chose to perform Chris D’Elia’s monologue “I Wish I Was Black” in its entirety at one of his gigs, as noticed by @dinasapphic. This seemingly out-of-place comment confused many, who thought it was quite tasteless.

Urie has made jokes about raping fans several times.

Unsettling footage shows Urie on stage shouting, “I’m going to f—k you if I run into you after the concert. No matter whether you desire it. I would rather you didn’t want it. Since I would then truly desire it.”

He can be seen discussing having wet dreams about his audience in another video, who @dinasapphic adds are largely young ladies. He continues, saying he’s “straight up going to f—k you in my dreams” to people who don’t understand what a wet dream means.

He behaved in a demeaning way toward the LGBT community.

Brendon Urie has recently come out as pansexual, however, in the past, he has made certain remarks that are rather dubious towards the LGBT community. He claimed to be straight but appeared to fetishize bisexuality in a previous interview, calling it “beautiful.”

Many people believe he made fun of the trans community in an unacceptable way. He answered that the phrase was “offensive to 9-year-olds, jean-gendered, and leather-gendered persons” when someone inquired whether he was a 9-year-old wearing thin jeans and leather.

Urie allegedly used Periscope at one point in 2015 to draw comparisons between Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who falsely identified as black and transgender. He also made the joke that if he were born with a penis and a vagina, he would play all day and accomplish nothing.

He has also come under criticism for allegedly uttering sexist remarks and for laughing at an ableist joke.

Urie was called out by @dinasapphic for laughing at an allegedly ableist joke made by Hall regarding a nun with Down syndrome. The Twitter user thought he didn’t need to encourage the joke in the way he did, even if he didn’t make the statement himself.

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In relation to his song “Miss Jackson,” he has also made remarks that are both sexist and slut-shaming. On stage, he explained the song’s subject matter as “a woman I once fucked. Yes, I did have sex once. Very nice. But when we were f—king, she proceeded to f—k all of my pals.” This is even more troubling, according to @dinasapphic, because it alludes to Janet Jackson’s song “Nasty,” which promotes female empowerment.

Additionally, he may be seen on tape saying things like, “To all the needy females on Vine, show us your boobs and that would be just great.”