“Death on the Nile,” directed by Kenneth Branagh, boasts an all-star cast, a legendary plot, and Ridley Scott, one of the industry’s top producers. However, the focus of most of the press around the film has been on the elephant in the room: controversial actor Armie Hammer.

The “Call Me by Your Name” actress was engulfed in a big abuse scandal in January 2021, which included horrifying allegations of sexual violence.

As more information became available, Hammer was eliminated from a number of other Hollywood projects. However, his role in Kenneth Branagh’s adaption of “Death on the Nile” was preserved. According to Rolling Stone, the film bombed at the box office, and experts are now speculating if Hammer’s involvement played an impact.

In a Feb. 14 story, Rolling Stone asks, “Did Armie Hammer’s Scandal Sink ‘Death on the Nile’?” When the “Death on the Nile” teaser was first released in December, fans were outraged, with many expressing their displeasure with Hammer’s presence. What are the opinions of Hammer’s co-stars, particularly his on-screen love interest Gal Gadot?

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Gal Gadot Reacts To The Death On The Nile Controversy

There’s a lot to take in when it comes to Armie Hammer’s abuse controversy and how it’s affected everyone involved, according to Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer’s “Death on the Nile” co-star.

“It’s quite complicated,” Gadot said in an interview with Israel’s N12 (via ComicBook.com). “If the fact is that he did things,” she continued, “then a person must pay the price for his acts and accept responsibility.” Gadot went on to say that she doesn’t know what will happen to Hammer or his future in Hollywood, but that if the claims against him are true, the “The Social Network” star should be punished. “I have no idea what will happen,” Gadot admitted.

Hammer had previously refuted the allegations (as reported by E! News). Los Angeles police have finished their investigation into the rape allegations against Hammer, according to TMZ, and have referred the file to the local district attorney’s office for possible charges, but insiders believe that is unlikely.

Hammer did not appear in any publicity for “Death on the Nile” and only made a minor appearance in the marketing. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 65 percent critic rating, while it has a slightly higher audience approval rate.

Help is available if you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault. Visit the RAINN website or call the National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE to learn more about rape, abuse, and incest (4673).

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Fans are concerned that Armie Hammer is having a ‘BREAKDOWN’ as a result of social media controversy

The “Call Me By Your Name” singer posted a shirtless video of himself sipping a beer while playing golf over the weekend. Armie, who has a shaved head, then strikes the ball before stomping out of the picture. With the exception of a belch, he remained silent throughout the video.

“When the world is coming to an end, but you’ve already accepted the fact that this moment is dominated by chaos…” he captioned the video.

Many of his 1.4 million Instagram followers laughed at the video, but others expressed concerns about his mental health.

One fan inquired, “Is this a breakdown armie?” Others inquired as to his well-being.

“I’m very concerned about you, Armie,” someone else said.

For several months, the actor has been self-isolating in the Caribbean with his family, which was not planned.

On April 16, Armie’s wife, Elizabeth Chambers, posted on social media, “We’re currently quarantined in Grand Cayman, which wasn’t anticipated when we left LA 5 weeks ago for NYC for previews of @minutesbway.”

“We made this decision for our family’s health and safety due to travel limitations, school closures, and the fact that we were going to be here with our extended family two weeks later for spring break.”

Armie flaunted his new punk-rock haircut on Instagram the day before Elizabeth’s message. He captioned a mirror selfie showing off his hairdo, “Killing the game.” Armie also uploaded a photo of his hair on the floor while holding trimmers before revealing the new haircut. He stated, “I’m fine.”

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