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Jack Manifold Controversy – EXPLAINED!

Jack Manifold Controversy - EXPLAINED!

After Jack was highlighted in one of Mizkif’s streams, the debate erupted. Mizkif was referring to the viewers of Minecraft broadcaster GeorgeNotFound, who had adolescent females who were “obsessed” with his work on YouTube and Twitch. As a result, Mizkif questioned Jack

“Am I mistaken in this? Girls in their mid-teens who are fascinated with him are.

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When Mizkif said that 15-year-old females were fixated with George, Jack’s “Yes” response, which effectively agreed with him, drew him into the debate. Then, Mizkif continued by inquiring about Dream’s appearance and the veracity of his most recent “doxxing” episode. Jack’s response that he didn’t know made him appear uneasy.

Another video from a Twitch feed aired by prominent Minecraft YouTuber Ph1LzA, who was playing with another YouTuber by the name of Wilbur Soot at the time, added gasoline to the fire. The man in the video, Ph1LzA, is asked by Wilbur to tell him “anything that adolescent females may be interested in without being made fun of.”

The video was shared on Twitter by a person who said, “Jack Manifold and Mizkif need to [sic] hear this one.” Wilbur provided a thorough explanation of the circumstances, which was the major cause of the sexist accusations Jack was dealing with.

Ph1LzA did not respond to the inquiry and exhibited some nervousness. But Wilbur continued, saying that everything he had stated about young girls was accurate and that it was “s*xist” and “unfair.” Wilbur continued by stating that the following was one aspect of contemporary media that irritated him:

Teenage females have no interests that they can have without drawing ridicule.

Jack repeatedly apologized and maintained his denial of being a sexist in the Twitch broadcast when he addressed accusations of being one while explaining that his discussion with Mizkif was about demography.

Jack shared his thoughts on the subject, saying that the statement he made in the Ph1LzA video about teenage girls having no interests that they can pursue without being made fun of made him feel proud for founding a community where the aforementioned girls could go and enjoy the streamer’s content without being teased. Jack threw in:

I’m overjoyed to have this audience, she said.

He continued by saying that many have misconstrued his views on the matter to suggest that he is a sexist. He asserted that the rumours are the exact reverse of what he thought and intended, and that before the Dream SMP and stan culture arrived, the crowds on Twitch and YouTube were quite different. Jack threw in:

We (Dream SMP) arrived, inhabited the area, and provided that community with a platform.

Jack stated that the reference to “teenage females” was not a derogatory remark about girls watching streamers but rather a discussion about the demography of Twitch and YouTube followers. The remainder of the video has Jack discussing how it was “crazy” that people believed he was sexist for saying the things he did and expressing his ideas, as well as how, in relation to his “doxxing” case, he actually had no idea what Dream looked like.

“I truly have no idea how Dream looks.”

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Throughout the whole clip, his chatters voiced their opinions, and many offered their support and condolences to the streamer.

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