The Jeopardy! champion-turned-host On Wednesday’s programme, reigning champion Luigi de Guzman breezed over a contentious self-correction.

After a contentious judgement in his first week on the job, this Jeopardy! the host has found himself in the crosshairs of fans. Ken Jennings, who is he?

Just days after the newly appointed co-host launched Season 39, his decisions (or lack thereof) have been called into question.

On Wednesday’s programme, Jennings, 48, let participant Luigi de Guzman casually correct an answer.

De Guzman was the first to respond to a question in the “Cons” category. The screen displayed a painting with the clue: “Here’s a classic 19th-century landscape by this British painter.”

“Who exactly is Constant?” de Guzman responded.

“Repeat that,” Jennings said.

“Excuse me, who is Constable?” de Guzman responded, and his response was accepted.

Later in the episode, though, participant Harriet Wagner made a similar error when she answered “Who is Angela LeGuin — sorry, Ursula LeGuin?” referring to a late science fiction novelist. Jennings cut her off and declared her response improper.

“Yes, Harriet, you knew her name was Ursula,” the host continued, “but I had already begun deciding against you when you began correcting yourself.” (According to Jeopardy! website, “contestants may revise their answers as long as neither the host nor the judges have rendered a judgement.”

De Guzman eventually won for the fourth time in a row, and Wagner finished third in what turned out to be a close game, with only $700 separating her from de Guzman and $100 separating her from second-place finisher Winston Li.

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Fans flocked to Twitter to voice their outrage, with some claiming Jennings’ decision demonstrated gender prejudice.

“Why doesn’t Jeopardy give you a time limit to answer? Harriet responded to Ursula’s altered remark almost as fast as Luigi was permitted to correct his response from Constant to Constable a few minutes earlier “one Twitter user proposed.

Another person stated that the verdict “simply isn’t right.”

#Jeopardy, why did Ken Jennings allow one contestant (male) to amend an erroneous answer but rule against another (female), despite the fact that she gave the correct answer within the time limit? Because of the verdict on the last answer in double jeopardy, tonight’s show was an unfair runaway “another fan said

Another admirer inquired, “Is @jeopardy repaired yet? Why is it okay for Luigi to rectify himself but not for Harriet?”

“YOU SUCK, KEN JENNINGS!” said one detractor.

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