Joe Mixon has established himself as one of the best running backs in the league.

Joe Mixon's Timeline of Trouble - From 2014 Assault to Questionable Bengals' Draft Pick! Know Everything!
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He had the third-most running yards (1,205), the fourth-most rushing touchdowns (13), and the third-most carries in the 2021 NFL regular season (292). He has run for 4,564 yards on 1,104 rushes with 33 rushing touchdowns in four seasons with Cincinnati. In addition, he has 171 receptions for 1,322 yards and eight touchdowns.

Many people didn’t want him in the NFL, to begin with, despite his accomplishments. Mixon departed Oklahoma with a slew of off-field concerns, including a 2014 attack on a woman and a 2016 intimidation of a parking attendant, both of which resulted in bans when he was with the Sooners.

While several clubs refused to consider him, the Bengals selected him in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft and haven’t looked back since, signing him to a four-year, $48 million agreement in 2020 to keep him in Cincinnati.

The assault accusation Mixon faced before arriving in Oklahoma and everything that led up to his selection as a Bengal is detailed here.

Joe Mixon's Timeline of Trouble - From 2014 Assault to Questionable Bengals' Draft Pick! Know Everything!

Before college, Joe Mixon was assaulted.

Joe Mixon was the highlight of Oklahoma’s 2014 recruiting class coming out of high school. The Oakley, CA native was ranked as the No. 19 national prospect and the No. 1 all-purpose running back in the country by 247Sports’ Composite Rankings.

Mixon was charged with misdemeanor assault the summer before he arrived at college when he was accused of hitting OU student Amelia Molitor during a dispute on July 25. Molitor was knocked out and suffered four facial fractures. As a result of the tragedy, she required reconstructive surgery. The allegations were brought against Mixon in August, and he was arraigned.

Mixon told police that one of Molitor’s pals used a racial slur and that he retaliated with an anti-gay slur, according to ESPN. Molitor told police that Mixon and other Oklahoma players were harassing her and her LGBT companion. She and a buddy walked into a sandwich shop to attempt to dodge Mixon, she told police.

Mixon approached Molitor at a table in the video, which wasn’t revealed to the public until December 2016, and when he walked away, Molitor shoved him. Mixon then rushed at her, prompting Molitor to hit him across the left side of his neck. Mixon then hit her in the face with his right fist, knocking her to the ground and into the table. After the punch, Mixon exited the scene. As police arrived, Molitor was able to get up from the floor and sit in a chair.

On Aug. 18, Oklahoma suspended Mixon for the whole season.

Mixon, who had just turned 18 the day before the event, pleaded guilty to an Alford charge and was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and therapy.

After the season, Mixon was reinstated and went on to have two outstanding seasons at Oklahoma. He carried 113 times for 753 yards and seven touchdowns in 2015. He had 187 carries for 1,274 yards and 10 touchdowns the next year. He caught 65 receptions for 894 yards and nine touchdowns over the course of two seasons.

After the video was made public in 2016, then-Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops said that while he thought the punishment was harsh enough at the time, on reflection, the punishment should have been removed from the institution.

“These people aren’t going to have a second opportunity,” he remarked. “It’s simply not acceptable.”

“A young man’s potential to rehabilitate and gain some form of discipline in order to recover is no longer available. Hopefully, that word gets through to high school students that these things are simply unacceptable on any level, and there’s no going back, I suppose… it never was okay. What I’m getting at is that there’s no way to recuperate from these kinds of situations anymore.”

Mixon’s attorney disclosed surveillance video of the event, which had previously been kept by the city of Norman, OK, as well as a second viewpoint of the incident.

The city of Norman would have been forced to release the footage if the Oklahoma Supreme Court had ordered it, though Mixon’s attorney, Blake Johnson, said in a statement that Mixon was not guilty and “does not believe the release of the recording at issue in that lawsuit should be postponed any further. Further delay looks to be doing nothing except fueling erroneous conjecture about what is seen in the film.”

Following the video’s publication, Mixon issued a public apology, pleading for Molitor’s forgiveness and admitting that he had disappointed a lot of people.

Mixon stated, “It doesn’t matter what she did; it’s all on me.” “I accept full responsibility for my actions. Hitting a lady is never acceptable. That is something I would preach to everybody. Hopefully, people all across the world will learn from my error.”

Molitor’s attorney, Ben Baker, reacted by claiming that Molitor accepted Mixon’s apologies, explanations, and responsibility for the event.

“We are hopeful that today’s events will aid in the process of finding closure for individuals affected and, eventually, the settlement of all other concerns linked to that night,” Baker said in a statement.

Molitor claimed in a statement to that she was relieved to be able to settle the case and that she and Mixon met privately to address the event without the presence of attorneys. She stated that they will put the issue behind them after they had done discussing it.

“I am grateful for his apologies, and I believe the thoughts he conveyed were genuine. We each had options for how we would have handled the situation. If we could travel back in time to that point in time, I believe the scenario would not have ended the way it did “Molitor said.

Intimidation of a parking attendant by Joe Mixon

Mixon’s off-field problems didn’t end there before he departed Oklahoma.

According to OU Daily, he was issued a parking violation in November 2016 and replied by ripping it up in front of the parking attendant.

According to News 4 in Oklahoma, when Mixon was issued the ticket, he got in his car and drove up to the officer, attempting to intimidate him with his vehicle.

Mixon was suspended for Oklahoma’s game against Iowa State on Nov. 3, 2016, as a result of the incident. Mixon apologized for the confrontation in the team’s announcement of his suspension.

Mixon added, “I regret not responding adequately to parking attendants and understand and accept the penalties.”

Joe Mixon was drafted in the NFL Draft.

Mixon was considered untouchable by some clubs before the Draft.

Despite experts projecting Mixon as one of the best running backs in the draught class, the Dolphins, Patriots, and Ravens all passed on him. Mixon was not invited to the NFL Combine and was only allowed to participate in the Sooners’ Pro Day to demonstrate his abilities to potential employers.

However, other clubs remained interested in Mixon, the most famous of which being the Bengals. Over the years, the franchise has been known to grant second chances to players like Adam Jones and Vontaze Burfict.

Mixon did not tumble far in the end. Mixon was projected as a first-round choice based on his potential, but he only made it to the top of the second round, when he was selected by Cincinnati with the 48th overall pick.

The decision drew significant condemnation. In an op-ed for the Cincinnati Enquirer, team owner Mike Brown justified the decision, calling what Mixon did as a freshman a “bad thing” and saying it is “unacceptable for a man to attack a woman,” but he added that “the circumstances that led up to the event are unknown.” Mixon went on to “become a decent citizen in Norman, a popular teammate, a coach-respected athlete, and one of the most gifted players in college football,” according to Brown. He stated that the team was taking a chance by selecting Mixon, who has both promise and downside.

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Brown stated, “We feel Joe has put this behind him and that he can transform into the athlete and community citizen that adds value to Cincinnati.” “We will do all in our ability to make this a reality. Our goal is that, given the chance, Joe will be able to create a chapter in Cincinnati sports history that both himself and the city can be proud of.”

On Saturday at 4:30 p.m. EST, the Bengals will take on the Raiders as part of Wild Card Weekend.

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