Oliver Peck Controversy – EXPLAINED!

Oliver Peck, a well-known tattoo artist, serves as one of the judges on the reality program competition “Ink Master,” where artists compete in a variety of tasks until only one prevails and wins a $100,000 reward and the coveted title of Ink Master. Growing up, Peck was always drawn to painting. At the age of 17, he began tattooing and set up his shop in a friend’s basement. He joined the wrong crowd, though, and started abusing narcotics. Peck acknowledged that he served time in prison and that it was only after his release that he decided he wanted to pursue a profession as a tattoo artist.

Despite having a talent for sketching, Peck lacked professional tattoo artist training. He began hanging out at the Pair-O-Dice Tattoo Shop in Dallas, Texas, and finally was given the chance to apply for a job and receive training. Peck began tattooing professionally at the age of 19 while studying under Richard Stell, the shop’s proprietor.

Oliver Peck Controversy - EXPLAINED!

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In 1996, Peck finally launched his own tattoo shop named Elm Street Tattoo with the help of his pals. He served as one of the judges for “Ink Master,” which made its debut in 2012 and ran for 13 seasons till he departed the program in 2020.


Oliver Peck has already made TV appearances before “Ink Master.” He even made an appearance in a few episodes of another reality TV program about tattoos. Peck was wed to tattoo artist Kat Von D, one of the main artists on “LA Ink,” from 2003 until 2007. She also starred in two seasons of “Miami Ink,” where Peck made a few guest appearances and even got inked by his ex-wife.

The union, however, did not endure. In a 2007 interview with In Touch, Peck discussed the reasons for her and Von D’s divorce. “She has only ever done things that hurt her friends. She betrayed me, became unstable, and left me “stated Peck. Additionally, he said that Von D often drank alcohol and used medicines to lose weight. “She eventually drank to the point of nauseating herself every day.

She would occasionally be illogical and destructive “Peck made known. Additionally, he said Von D was the “most self-centered” person he had ever met. When he found out that Von D was having an affair with West Coast Choppers’ car technician Jesse James, it was the final straw. Peck has been dating Audra Cabral for more than ten years, and they are currently together.


Oliver Peck made a statement about leaving “Ink Master” after 13 seasons in January 2020. “I’ve decided it’s better to split ways with the producers. The insulting pictures of me that have just lately come to light are just serving as a diversion from the incredible performance, which I have cherished being a part of, and its many great performers “The declaration read (via USA Today). The images in question were made public by TMZ and showed Peck dressing up as a black person for Halloween. Although they were discovered on his MySpace site, the dates of the photographs’ capture were not disclosed.

On Twitter, the outcry was immediate, and several demanded that Peck be fired from “Ink Master.” The tattoo artist quickly apologized, calling himself “clueless, insensitive, and foolish,” on his Instagram account. He stated, “I can only hope that those of you that I don’t know, and anybody I have upset, may also find it in their hearts to accept my genuine apologies.”


Oliver Peck’s admirers are aware that he seldom appears without a toothpick in his mouth. He didn’t do it to develop a distinctive style, as he stated in an interview with Ink Master. Instead, it began as an answer to his chewing-gum addiction. He chewed gum so frequently that it caused difficulties with his teeth and jaw, so he decided to try eating toothpicks instead. His chewing gum addiction appears to have been treated at this point, but a toothpick has taken its place.

Peck even related a time when he was learning to scuba dive and the teacher instructed him to take a toothpick out of his mouth before donning a mask. Peck said, “Trust me,” when the instructor informed him that he couldn’t scuba dive while holding a toothpick. He admitted that one of the infrequent times he takes the toothpick out of his mouth is when he makes out with his girlfriend.

He formerly held the Guinness World Record.

For the most tattoos completed in a single day, Kat Von D set the Guinness World Record in December 2007. She met her target of 400, and the artwork featured the emblem for Los Angeles. However, her ex-husband quickly surpassed her record in a matter of months.

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Every Friday the 13th, a celebration is held at Oliver Peck’s Elm Street Tattoo. To break Von D’s record at one of those festivals on June 13, 2008, Peck made the decision to tattoo nonstop for 24 hours. According to the rules, the tattoo must include at least two colors and be at least 1.25 inches by 3 inches in size. According to NBC News, Peck shattered the mark by inking the number 13 415 times in all.

His reign was short-lived, though, as a tattoo artist from Texas set a new mark in October of that year with 726 ink. Another artist beat the record with 801 tattoos a month later. According to NBC Los Angeles, the record was 875 in 2009. It’s uncertain if that record is still valid.