Will Smith's Most Controversial Moments Through The Years, Before The Oscars Slap

A controversial career track. Will Smith has been involved in a number of scandals throughout the course of his long career, some of which trace back to his days on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

As soon as Janet Hubert left the show in 1993 owing to “creative differences,” the “Summertime” rapper slammed his former co-star on the air. That event was to be called The Aunt Viv of Bel-Air Show, Smith said E! News. “She’s upset today, but always.” Her complaint: ‘I’ve been in the business for ten years, and this snotty-nosed punk gets a show.’ “I’m always the Antichrist to her.”

The Philadelphia native’s remarks triggered a years-long rivalry with Hubert. “There will never be a [Fresh Prince] reunion… because I will never work with an a–hole like Will Smith,” she told TMZ in December 2011.

Smith allegedly spread “lies” about her on-set behaviour two years later. “I suppose Will felt obligated to go out and tell a lot of lies because the audience was so on my side…” A lot of things did not happen, she told The Grio in March 2013.

During the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion special in 2020, Smith admitted to “making the set tough” for Hubert during season three.

“Words may kill. I lost everything. Reputation. Absolutely everything. I know you were able to move forward,” she said to Ali in the HBO Max special. Calling a Black woman ‘difficult’ in Hollywood is suicide. The industry is hostile to dark-skinned Black women. It was vital for us to finally move forward. And I apologise for destroying you.”

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Smith ended one Hollywood feud by slapping Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscars, but he started another by slapping him. Rock stormed the stage to protect his wife (who has alopecia) and smacked him in the face. “Keep my wife’s name off your f–king lips,” Smith snarled at Rock as he returned to his seat.

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The Oscars Slap

Smith “quickly took action” after noticing Pinkett Smith was “visibly angry” by Rock’s joke, a source told Us Weekly. Later that night, Smith apologised for his reaction. The Academy, and all my fellow nominees, I want to apologise,” he stated after winning best actor for his role in King Richard. “But love will drive you insane.”

The Oscars Slap

Smith resigned from The Academy pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing. “My behaviour at the 94th Academy Awards was shocking, unpleasant, and unforgivable. I have injured Chris, his family, many of my dear friends and loved ones, all in attendance, and global viewers at home “he told Variety in April 2022. “I want to refocus the Academy’s outstanding work supporting creativity and artistry in film on individuals who deserve recognition for their achievements.”

A week later, the Academy banned Smith from all Oscar-related activities for ten years. “I accept and respect the Academy’s decision.”

Will Vs. Aunt Viv

Smith sat down with Hubert in November 2019 for a Fresh Prince HBO Max reunion to clear the air. ““There were a lot of things happening on in my and Will’s lives during that third season when I got pregnant,” Hubert recounted, saying her pay had been lowered. “Home life was horrible. I stopped laughing, smiling, and joking because secret things were happening. The cast had no idea.”

Will Smith's Most Controversial Moments Through The Years, Before The Oscars Slap

Smith responded by admitting he “wasn’t sensitive” to his co-star. “Now that I have three kids, I know stuff I didn’t know before,” he remarked. “I’d do things differently.” I can see how I hampered Janet on the set.”

The Cheating Rumors

At November 2013, photographs of Smith and Margot Robbie goofing around and fake-flashing the camera in a photo booth surfaced online. “No rest after working nonstop. The absurd story is untrue “he wrote on Twitter at the time. “It’s regrettable that set hilarity was misconstrued.”

Will Smith's Most Controversial Moments Through The Years, Before The Oscars Slap

A source close to Smith told Us at the time: “They were simply joking. That’s Will. There’s nothing else.”

An Open Marriage

In July 2020, August Alsaina revealed he was dating Pinkett Smith and that she knew about it and accepted. Larissa was accused of having a “entanglement” with Alsaina when she and her husband split up.

So you and I may both achieve happiness, Smith said on Red Table Talk in July 2020. “I thought we were done.”

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The ‘Entanglement’

They weren’t always monogamous, Smith told GQ in September 2021. The unconventional bride, Jada Jada’s family had an odd bond. Her upbringing was quite different from mine.” He went on to suggest that both parties had misused their union’s “trust and freedom.” Relational perfection: In our relationship, we chose monogamy for most of the time, not thinking of it as the sole relational perfection.”

Will Smith's Most Controversial Moments Through The Years, Before The Oscars Slap

No Punishments

In April 2013, Smith claimed that he and his wife didn’t believe in punishing Willow and Jaden. “We don’t punish,” he said. “Our kids are in charge of their own lives. As early as possible, we want to give children control over their life, and punishment has a negative connotation. As long as you can justify what they do — and Jaden has done — I’ll let them do what they want.”

The Scientology Issue

No one in the Smith family has ever verified their religious allegiance, but they have long been linked to the dubious Church of Scientology. “I’ve studied Buddhism, Hinduism, and Scientology with Tom Cruise. Nobody denies it!” Smith said in May 2011. His claims that “98% of the concepts are identical to the principles of the Bible” drew harsh criticism.

Will Smith's Most Controversial Moments Through The Years, Before The Oscars Slap

In October 2018, however, he said on Red Table Talk with Pinkett Smith that his family “never were Scientologists.”