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Nobody wants to play with a cheater and as it turns out even a dad doesn’t forgive his daughter for cheating in a game. In a case of one 13-year-old Vivian, she got just the right amount of punishment for cheating in Mario Kart. Vivian’s father taught her that cheating is not cool in a truly humorous way.

As per Vivan’s father, she is very keen on getting into Booker T. Washington High School. She has been developing her portfolio for a long time in order to get an admission to this institution, which is a huge crowd-puller for the art school aspirants. So, naturally, when Vivian finally received a letter from Booker T. Washington High School, there was a lot of excitement and anticipation involved. However, the letter was not really from the school but a fake one from her dad.

The video shows how Vivian almost broke into tears when she found out that her application has been rejected by the school.

But finally, she reached the part where the reason behind her rejection is said to be that she cheated in Mario Kart and realized it was a joke by her father.

Apparently, Vivian had unpaused the game and cheated, when her opponent, her father, was not in the room.

The video ultimately ends on a happy note. As it turns out that Vivian actually got into the school she so wished for. Her dad reveals it at the end of the prank.

Hopefully, she will remember this incident and not cheat in Mario Kart or in anything that she does in life. Overall, the prank was pretty cool. High five dad!


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