Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy for thealtweb.com


At thealtweb.com, we understand the difference between conveying information and describing what is happening in a country and how events outside of our borders affect them. We believe that context and point of view are crucial and therefore, our reporters and editors make a point of focusing on actual individuals, rather than just institutions. Every story has to convince readers to give it time because we live in such a busy society. If the news piece does not attempt to be entertaining or explain to the reader why they should care, people will click on another website, turn the page, or switch the channel.

The principles that guide our work stay the same despite the fact that our job is evolving. We must always act with unwavering fairness, integrity, and objectivity. We’re working with facts that can be verified and are supported by knowledgeable, reliable sources. With equal fervor, we look into every aspect of a story.


Accuracy is crucial, there is no way around that. It is imperative to fix errors as soon as they are identified. There should be no hesitation or sparseness in corrections to previously published or broadcast articles. They must be composed with the aim of making amends as fully and completely as possible.

It’s important what we do. In order to satisfy 24-hour deadlines, a news organization must put speed first. The key, though, is to always prioritize dependability over speed.

Good taste should always be kept in mind. It’s absolutely disgusting to learn some essential knowledge. That approach is not required.

Staff Responsibility

The upholding of thealtweb.com standards is under the purview of our reporters, editors, and managers. Given the wide variety of situations that arise during reporting, writing, and editing news, it is hard to have clear rules that apply in every situation. Our personnel adheres to many different protocols as part of their duties.

Thealtweb.com is committed to providing accurate and reliable news to our readers. We strive to be fair, impartial, and objective in all our reporting. We are committed to presenting a diversity of perspectives and voices in our coverage.

Our reporters and editors are expected to adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct. They must strive to be honest and accurate in their reporting, avoid conflicts of interest, and disclose any potential biases.

Our editors are responsible for ensuring that all content on thealtweb.com meets our standards for accuracy, fairness, and taste. They are also responsible for ensuring that all corrections are made promptly and that all errors are acknowledged.

Thealtweb.com is committed to protecting the confidentiality of our sources. We will not reveal the identity of a source without their permission, unless required to do so by law.

We understand that our readers have a right to know as much as possible about the sources of our stories. When possible, we will provide information about the sources of our stories, including their qualifications, experience, and potential biases.

We will handle complaints about our coverage in a timely and responsive manner. We will investigate all complaints thoroughly and make corrections as necessary.