With its taut storyline and controlled acting, John Krasinski’s 2018 horror movie “A Quiet Place” startled critics and audiences. The movie depicts the Abbott family, led by Krasinski and Emily Blunt, in a future where monsters sensitive to sound have destroyed much of civilization. They must eke out their existence in a devastated landscape while making as little noise as possible.

The outcome was a great box office blockbuster, and now “A Quiet Place, Part 2” is poised to hit theatres after being delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Abbotts’ search for other survivors is followed in the sequel, which features family friend Emmett (Cillian Murphy) among others. They fight the alien creatures together.

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The second installment of A Quiet Place will not be shown on HBO Max.

“A Quiet Place, Part 2” will not be available to HBO Max subscribers – at least not at first. Only Warner Bros. films will be released simultaneously in theatres and on HBO Max, while Paramount Pictures will distribute both “Quiet Place” features. At this time, no other studio has adopted Warner Bros.’s unconventional policy, and the firm itself plans to stop releasing simultaneous films in 2022 (via CNET).

A Quiet Place 2 - Latest Updates on Release Date, Cast, and Plot!

Regardless, “Part 2” will be accessible to stream on Paramount+ beginning July 12 — around 45 days after its theatrical premiere (via CNET). That’s a lot quicker than the gap between theatrical release and streaming availability before the pandemic. If fans are still apprehensive about seeing the film in a packed cinema, they can always wait six weeks to watch it at home.

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“A Quiet Place, Part 2” will only be available in theatres in the United States from May 28 to July 12. Meanwhile, the original film is available for free with a Hulu membership on Hulu.

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