“There’s something strange going on here.” That understatement of the century is spoken by one of the characters (played by Leslie Grossman) in Season 10 of everyone’s favorite freaky TV franchise, American Horror Story—and with the new season about to premiere on FX, it’s clear that fans and critics alike are ready for even more of creator Ryan Murphy’s long-running super-scary series and its newest batch of unexplainable phenomena.

In fact, one of the many strange things about Season 10—which is officially titled American Horror Story: Double Feature—is that it will be split into two mini-seasons with two different storylines. (Did you catch that? “Double Feature”)

Keep reading to learn how an online poll may have decided the season’s plot, how COVID affected the show, and which child star believes his American Horror Story role is the one he was born to play before AHS 10 premieres on Wednesday, August 25. In other words, here’s everything we know about Season 10 of American Horror Story.

American Horror Story Season 10: Double Feature Trailer 

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What is the title of Season 10 of American Horror Story?

American Horror Story: Double Feature is the official title for the upcoming season. This season, AHS will tell two different stories, much like old-timey drive-in movie theatres might have screened a “double feature” with two movies back-to-back. The first six episodes of the season will tell the narrative of Red Tide, while the latter four episodes will tell the story of Death Valley.

Is there an American Horror Story: Double Feature trailer?

On July 27, FX released a minute-long Season 10 teaser on social media, promising “a collision of terror like you’ve never seen”—suggesting that Red Tide and Death Valley will share storylines in some way. (Or it could simply mean that Double Feature will be the most terrifying season of AHS to date.)

Then, on August 13, Red Tide received its own full-length trailer, which depicts a small family traveling to a beach town so that a young father can focus on his writing—with disturbing results.

The teaser that appeared on the official AHS Twitter account on Aug. 22 is perhaps the strangest of all. “What will you hear on the other side of the ocean?” “Tune in tomorrow at 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PST,” the tweet said, along with a 34-second audio teaser that sounded like it was patching together audio transmissions from “KPCD-666 Cape Radio.” The teaser appears to be connected to the Red Tide tale, and we all know the diabolical meaning of “666.”

More of the “broadcast” will be available at a special Twitter event on Monday, August 23 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT.

Are there any spoilers for American Horror Story Season 10?

Season 10 of AHS has been leaking details for months, but there are few real spoilers. People have been attempting to answer Murphy’s conundrum since he indicated there will be two stories, “one by water and the other by sand,” earlier this year.

In far as hints, the AHS Season 10 teaser and poster art haven’t provided much. A female-presenting monster appears to be sucking the neck of an extraterrestrial in one image.

Another depicts a sharp-toothed creature kneeling with what appears to be a dead alien bridal style in its hands. What’s going on here? The animals don’t seem to like each other in the teaser, so what’s going on? Are the monsters and aliens allies or foes? Frenemies? Is their relationship important? This season, it’s yet uncertain how they’ll terrify the actors.

There’s some casting news: Lily Rabe and Sarah Paulson are reportedly in both Red Tide and Death Valley, each portraying a different character. In Death Valley, Rabe will portray Amelia Earhart and Paulson will play former First Lady Mamie Eisenhower.

What occurred in American Horror Story Season 9?

Season 9 of American Horror Story was subtitled 1984, and it played out like a tribute to horror films from the 1980s, with a killer hunting teenagers at a summer camp, years after similar events occurred. However, due to American Horror Story’s anthology nature, the narrative of Season 10 will most likely have nothing to do with Season 9.

Are there any Sirens in Season 10 of American Horror Story?

Okay, so the aliens in the teaser and poster graphics appear to be quite simple, but what about the other creatures? Many people believe the sharp-toothed enigmas are Sirens, Greek legendary monsters that use their singing to entice seafarers to their deaths. Why?

Murphy held a Twitter poll in April, sending out a list of four potential scenarios for “growing the universe” and asking followers to vote for their favorite. It was unclear at the moment whether the final option would be a story from a previous season or something altogether new. Many fans sought a “recount” when the final options were “Bloody Mary” and “Plague”—turns out, that many fans didn’t want to see a program about a plague while a genuine epidemic was still going on. In response, Murphy substituted “Sirens” for “Plague,” but never revealed which pick was the winner. People believe Sirens won; sharp teeth and a beach setting for Season 10 appear to indicate that this is a possibility.

Who will appear in Season 10 of American Horror Story?

The stories of different seasons don’t always cross in the American Horror Story world, but locales, characters, and actors do. Several performers have participated in several seasons, including Paulson and Evan Peters, who are both returning to AHS after only missing one season (Season 9). Macaulay Culkin, the star of Home Alone, is also joining the cast of Double Feature.

Where did Double Feature take place?

The COVID-19 outbreak impacted the production of American Horror Story: Double Feature, as it did many other productions. Season 10 filming was postponed until May 2020, which meant the season couldn’t premiere on or around Halloween as planned. Murphy was concerned about the shooting delays since he had planned for Season 10 to be “weather-dependent.” He noted at the time, “A lot of what I was planning to shoot was reliant on a very precise moment, it was a weather-driven program.” “Now I’m not sure.” “I’m not sure where we’re going to go.”

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When the show eventually began production for Red Tide, it was in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and Murphy snapped at least one on-set photo of Culkin and Grossman there. Death Valley is apparently still being recorded in Los Angeles after a member of the crew was diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus in July and work was halted for a few days.