Are The Ultimatum's Nate And Lauren Still Dating? As Far As We Know, They're Getting Married!

Is it the sound of wedding bells off in the distance?

They certainly are! Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles of The Ultimatum may have had an unusual trip on the Netflix smash series, but they’re ready to say “I do.” Lauren also disclosed on April 14 that the couple has set a wedding date.

“We took a road trip through Colorado in October in search of a wedding destination. We adore the great outdoors and have long dreamed of having a mountain wedding “Lauren expressed herself on Instagram. “We found the right site and will tie the knot on October 1st, 2022.”

But before they decided on a location, Nate got down on one knee again.

She revealed, “After we left the show, Nathan went to a diamond broker and had my ring fabricated.” “He took me to Zilker Park (here in Austin) about 6 weeks later and got down on one knee all over again. He and I both felt our televised engagement was not cute and needed to be redone.”

Are The Ultimatum's Nate And Lauren Still Dating? As Far As We Know, They're Getting Married!

Nate and Lauren, who had been dating for two and a half years at the time, were given the burden of choosing a new spouse to spend a three-week trial marriage with on The Ultimatum. But, despite their differing views on children, Nate proposed before doing so. This left the group, as well as fans at home, torn about their participation.

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“We’re slowly learning to be alright with the version of ourselves that was seen on The Ultimatum not sitting well with everyone,” Lauren continued in the essay. “We got punished for going against the grain because we determined the experience was toxic for us.”

The couple has an Instagram page. Nathan has numerous photographs of himself and his friend skiing and swimming. He also appears to enjoy going on hikes with his dog. In June, he tweeted a photo of himself and Lauren on a boat, implying that they were still together during the summer.

“In a relationship, I believe in compromise,” Lauren explained. “I’m not a self-sacrifice believer.” I also don’t want to think of kids as a liability.” She went on to say that she required clarification from the show before deciding whether or not they could move forward.

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Lauren stated in the post that she “never claimed that I didn’t want children,” but rather that she was “on the fence about them.” Since then, the couple has decided to have only one child.

In the hopes of finding a trial wife and spouse, Nate and Lauren broke up to date other people. When it came time to choose, Nate appeared to be overwhelmed by the notion that every single one of his options had chosen someone else. Lauren, on the other hand, seemed to be leaning in the direction of Colby Kiss.

Lauren has a lot of photos of herself in various gowns and bikinis on Instagram. It’s remarkable that Nate isn’t mentioned in any of them. She did, however, share photos from Costa Rica with Nate at the same time. They also uploaded images from their three-week trip to Colorado.

Keep reading to find out what the rest of the cast is up to while we wait for the lovebirds’ big day!