The wait is finally over! Chapter 3 begins with the island from Chapter 2 being flipped over, revealing a new island and ushering in Chapter 3. And, despite the fact that the island is still relatively new, it has long been inhabited by the Seven and all those who have been rescued from the loop by the Seven. The foundations, which have been vital in Fortnite since the beginning, are now available as Battle Pass skins.

We have all of the Fortnite Season 1 Battle Pass skins for Chapter 3!

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Shanta, the “Lotus Traveler,” is the first new Battle Pass skin that is unlocked immediately after purchasing the Battle Pass. She has the appearance of a member of an ancestor cult. She wears a nose-to-ear necklace under her golden mask. From her feet to her head, you can modify her armor and choose whether or not she should wear the strengthened armor. If you’ve finished her missions, that is. To do so, go to the Fortnite Chapter 3 Map and collect the gem fragments.

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These are her different looks:

Headgear: Without headgear / headdress / mask.

Shoulders: With armor / Without armor

Gloves: With armor / Without armor

Upper body: With armor / Without armor

Legs: With armor / Without armor