NEW YORK — Ben’s hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, was visited by “The Bachelor” this week. Ben meets up with his folks at a cute diner near the beginning of the show. Ben met up with his final six to go to a rental house/hotel that happened to be close to his parents’ place after a quick conversation with them.

Lauren B. claims she’s been waiting all week to speak with him about what he said the week before about having some reservations about her based on what Leah said. Ben had invited Lauren to have a one-on-one date with him, so Lauren would get her opportunity! The other ladies were upset that the woman who seemed to have the strongest connection with him was receiving even more alone time with him.

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Ben took Lauren on a tour of his town in a truck, showing her the movie theatre where he had his first kiss and then re-enacting the scene in his vehicle. They traveled to a youth center where Ben had worked for four years and played basketball with some of the neighborhood’s younger children. Lauren was adored by all of the small girls, who praised her for her kindness. Ronnie, the “half-court youngster,” was challenged to make a shot, and he succeeded! As part of the “bet” on Ronnie’s half-court shot, Ben and Lauren had to kiss.

Ben informed the children that he had a special present for them. The Indiana Pacers, their coach, and their mascot all arrived! They were there to have fun with the youngsters and offer advice. Then, off to the side, a little boy began to weep, so Ben paid him special care and invited him to join the Pacers, and he appeared to warm up. Lauren was overjoyed when Ben invited her on this date because the community center was such an important part of his life. She also enjoyed watching him connect with kids and believes he will make an excellent father one day.

Ben from 'The Bachelor' Final 4 - Updates on Release Date, Cast, and Plot in 2022

“Jojo, let’s find love in the windy city,” another date card read. That meant Jojo will have her own date!

Ben took Lauren back to “his apartment” after their time at the community center for a glass of wine and some hanging out. Lauren expressed her apprehension regarding their date due to their previous interaction. He explained that the chat affected him because he has affection for her and is frightened of being caught off guard. She stated that she felt ill to her stomach and didn’t know how to defend herself because she didn’t know how to prove to him that it wasn’t true.

Ben stated that he cares enough about her that a single person’s criticism would not affect his feelings for her and that she can trust him. She had hoped to hear that. The date was “wonderful,” Ben remarked, and he’s delighted he finally met the real Lauren. Then he took her to a nearby bar, where they had a blast and closed the night with a lot of rooftop kissing. Lauren claims to love Ben from Warsaw, Indiana, not just “Ben the Bachelor.”

Ben from 'The Bachelor' Final 4 - Updates on Release Date, Cast, and Plot in 2022

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Jojo and Ben were reunited and whisked away to Chicago! They headed to Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, for a special date. The stadium was completely empty. Jojo’s jersey said “Mrs. Higgins” and they had customized jerseys waiting for them. Ben was astonished by her baseball talents after they played a little baseball together. Their date was even shown on the jumbotron. Ben stated that bringing Jojo on the date was an excellent decision.

Becca stated she’s envious of Jojo getting a one-on-one date back at the house. Lauren expressed her disappointment that he is out with someone else, but she is pleased with the outcome of their date.

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