Summertime programming on CBS has become synonymous with “Big Brother.” The series, which is based on the popular international franchise of the same name, centers around a group of people trapped inside a house with no outside contact.

Since its premiere in 2000, the show has broadcast 22 seasons and spawned two spin-offs: “Big Brother: Over the Top,” which is only available online, and “Celebrity Big Brother,” which has a star-studded cast.

Many noteworthy houseguests have entered the house over the franchise’s lifespan, leaving a lasting impression on the show. Each season of “Big Brother” adds something fresh to the table, yet some seasons are unquestionably superior to others.

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With Season 23 approaching, here is a ranking of all previous “Big Brother” seasons, from worst to greatest. The caliber of the cast, as well as whether or not they provided a solid mix of gaming and entertainment value to the season, as well as whether or not each season’s twists, are reflected in the rankings.

Season 1 is number 22. (2000)

Any reality show’s first season will be challenging. “Big Brother‘s” first season did not disappoint. It was nothing like the strategic game that the series has become known for today. This season featured ten houseguests who shared a home and completed weekly tasks in order to gain more money and privileges. Every week, all of the houseguests nominated two persons for expulsion, with the two who received the most votes being the ones who were voted out. Following that, viewers voted on who they wanted to see evicted from the house and, finally, who they wanted to win.

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

This is the format most people identify with the original international version, but it didn’t transition well to the US. This season’s critics and viewers rapidly became tired of it, particularly the uninspiring cast. In fact, “Chicken” George Boswell, who was called back to compete in the first All-Stars season, was the only houseguest from this season who appeared a second time. In subsequent seasons, the series was able to redeem itself by altering the format and introducing weekly competitions and rewards to keep things interesting.

All-Stars 2 Season 22 is number 21. (2020)

CBS should be commended for airing a season of “Big Brother” amid the COVID-19 outbreak. “All-Stars 2” reintroduced 16 players from multiple eras of the program to participate after being delayed until late summer.

While several of the cast members were dubious, including the addition of a houseguest from the previous season who was the first to be ousted, the cast included fan favorites Ian Terry, Janelle Pierzina, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Kaysar Ridha.

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

Things, however, quickly deteriorated. The Committee, the season’s main power alliance, won every competition, ruled over every nomination ceremony, and had complete influence over every eviction vote. This resulted in a game that was dull and predictable, with few shocks and a clear winner.

Season 22 was riddled with controversy, in addition to being devoid of entertainment value. Several houseguests made disrespectful remarks about Ian Terry’s autism, in particular. The elimination order for the season was especially unflattering, with women and people of color being methodically ousted almost every week. “Big Brother” has always had racism and prejudice concerns, but this was the season that prompted CBS to implement a more diverse casting procedure.

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

Season 15 is number 20 (2013)

Season 15 of “Big Brother” gained national news for all the wrong reasons when several houseguests made discriminatory statements against other houseguests. The houseguests at the center of the scandal faced harsh criticism and even lost their jobs outside of the game as a result of their comments. The rest of the cast didn’t do much better, with several of the more likable houseguests being evicted too soon or failing to make an impression. While there are a few good blindsides and contests this season, the negativity of the houseguests casts a pall over the proceedings.

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

The season’s gimmick, in which viewers voted each week for an MVP who would secretly nominate another houseguest, was likewise a flop. Every week, Elissa Slater, the sister of past houseguest Rachel Reilly, seemed to gain the crown thanks to the twist. Although the nominations were eventually made by viewers, the harm had already been done.

Because no one from this season has been asked back for a future season, CBS appears to prefer that people forget about it.

Season 19 is number 19 (2017)

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

It should be entertaining to see past houseguests return to play the game, but blending them with fresh players can occasionally lead to unsatisfactory results. Season 19, which had 16 new houseguests competing against Season 18 veteran Paul Abrahamian, is an excellent example of this. Paul’s presence proved catastrophic to the season, as he was able to take control of the house early on with a formidable majority alliance that lasted until the end, akin to many of “Survivor’s” worst seasons.

Those who opposed Paul were one by one eliminated, while those who supported him used brutal bully tactics against those who opposed him. When you mix a weak “temptations” twist with multiple houseguests in and out of Paul’s inner circle making provocative remarks, you have a season that is both dull and unsettling to watch.

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

The season’s finale somewhat redeems the season, with a shocking final vote for both the winner and the American’s Favorite Houseguest award, but even those moments can’t make up for the rest of the season’s misery.

Season 9 is number 18 (2008)

Season 9 is the only season in the main series that airs during the winter (due to the 2007 Writers Guild of America Strike). The main twist was themed around love because the season premiered around Valentine’s Day, and it matched the 16 new houseguests with their “soulmates” for the first half of the game. While the surprise seemed clever on paper, especially considering the season’s inclusion of houseguests with prior relationships, it was squandered on one of the show’s most unlikeable casts.

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

Because of the continual arguing among the houseguests, much of the season was overshadowed by negativity, especially because many of the pairs felt purposefully mismatched to create drama. While reality television fights are usually entertaining, this season’s battles featured extremely ugly personal insults, making them tough to watch.

It’s no surprise that no one from this season’s houseguests has been asked back when those terrible clashes are combined with fairly uninteresting gaming.

Season 21 is number 17 (2019)

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

While the Season 21 scandals were not as serious as the ones from Season 15, there was still a lot of bigotry and hate in the air. Throughout the first half of the game, the dominant alliance known as Gr8ful alienated and ousted many of the season’s houseguests of color, with some even receiving discriminatory comments behind their backs. Gr8ful has also been accused of bullying Nicole Anthony, another houseguest, by trash-talking her and uniting the house against her early on.

The Day 1 Camp Director twist, in which one houseguest was chosen to nominate four others for possible elimination, exacerbated the season’s racism concerns from the outset, as houseguests of color were nearly entirely targeted. The season’s competition-based twists, such as the Whacktivity Comp and America’s Field Trip had minimal effect on the overall game.

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

Season 12 is number 16 (2010)

The finest “Big Brother” seasons include a cast that is dynamic enough to provide not only tremendous entertainment but also solid gameplay that results in weekly surprises. Despite having a very likable and uncontroversial group of houseguests, including newly added fan favorites Rachel Reilly and Britney Haynes, Season 12’s group of houseguests failed to deliver on both fronts.

This season was exclusively focused on Enzo Palumbo, Lane Elenburg, Matt Hoffman, and Hayden Moss, a group of four guys who formed The Brigade. From start to finish, this group dominated the game, controlling practically every nomination and eviction without ever being in danger of being evicted. The Brigade breezed to the finals with no meaningful competition from the other houseguests, ensuring an uncomplicated season.

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

Season 8 is number 15 (2007)

When one person/alliance dominates the whole storyline in a “Big Brother” season, the results are typically disappointing. Dick and Daniele Donato, a father-daughter couple, were among the Season 8 houseguests that suffered from this. Dick and Daniele were one of three pairs brought into the house together as part of the season’s Rivals twist because of their bad relationship outside of the house. The two of them spent a lot of the season working on their relationship or trying to escape being evicted.

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

How much you appreciate watching Dick and Daniele win all the time will determine how much you enjoy this season. America’s Player twist, in which fans were able to assign one houseguest unique duties to fulfill in the house, was the only other noteworthy aspect of the season.

Season 13 is number 14 (2011)

Season 13 will be as enjoyable as Season 8 if you enjoy witnessing a tiny number of people annihilate the others. Eight new houseguests competed against three previous seasons’ duos: Dick and Daniele Donato from Season 8, Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas from Season 12, and Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd from Season 11.

The twist appeared to be intended to give the returning players an advantage, and it did so. For the entire first half of the season, the returning partners linked swiftly and exploited their game experience to seize control and run circles around the newcomers. It didn’t help matters that nearly none of the newcomers stood out.

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

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Season 16 is number 13 (2014)

Season 16’s houseguests were downright pleasant, especially when compared to Season 15’s highly controversial and nasty cast. Fans’ favorites Donny Thompson and Zach Rance, potential returning players Cody Calafiore and Nicole Franzel, and powerful gamers Derrick Levasseur and Frankie Grande were among the many strong characters featured this season (the brother of singer Ariana Grande).

It’s simply a shame that such a talented group was squandered on such a dull season. Season 16 was one of the worst offenders in terms of a single person or alliance controlling the entire game. The Bomb Squad alliance, afterward called The Detonators, was unstoppable and ruled the game from start to finish.

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

The season’s primary twist, the Battle of the Block, boosted their domination by emphasizing winning competitions more than any previous season. You could see the final winner coming a mile away with all of the top players grouped together and winning each week.

Season 4 is number 12 (2003)

Season 4 was important because it introduced a number of firsts for the show’s competitive aspect that would become typical in subsequent seasons. The X-Factor, in which 5 of the houseguests had their former ex-lovers enter the game, was the first season to contain a major season-long twist.

The season has flaws, despite how substantial these improvements were. Apart from the season’s antagonists, Jun Song and Alison Irwin, many of the houseguests were forgettable. And the exes twist didn’t provide nearly as much fantastic drama as it could have.

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

Despite this, the strategic gameplay was solid, and the power alignments were shaken up by a few unexpected votes and shakeups, including the series’ first color winner.

Season 2 is number 11 (2001)

Season 2 became a much more sophisticated game with the addition of the Head of Household competition after the first season failed to impress. Every week, a competition to determine who could avoid being nominated for eviction would be held.

The addition of the HOH gave the game a more competitive edge and brought drama to the houseguests’ daily lives. The establishment of the fan-favorite Chilltown alliance was one of the major alliances forged to acquire power. Bunky Miller, Monica Bailey, Mike Malin, Shannon Dragoo, Hardy Ames-Hill, and Will Kirby, the show’s first true villain, helped to make the houseguests a formidable group.

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

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Season 18 is number 10 (2016)

Season 18 is loaded with twists, making it one of the show’s messiest seasons yet. The addition of four returning players, including Frank Eudy from Season 14, Nicole Franzel from Season 16, and James Huling and Da’Vonne Rogers from Season 17, is the most noteworthy.

Season 18 has a lot going for it when it comes to blindsides, strategy, and unintended comedy, but it does slow down near the end when some of the stronger personalities are ousted early.

Season 11 is number 9 (2009)

Best Big Brother Season - Everything You Should Know in 2022

Season 11 was chaos from start to finish, even though it didn’t have as many twists as Season 18. The 12 new houseguests were first separated into four teams based on their high school cliques: Athletes, Brains, Offbeat Crowd, and Popular Kids. Season 10’s Jessie Godderz joined the Athletes team this season.

The Coup d’Etat, a rare power given to one houseguest by viewers to unseat a Head of Household and replace the nominations on eviction night, was the final major twist.

All of these factors conspired to make this season of “Big Brother” one of the most tumultuous in the franchise’s history.

Season 14 is number 8 (2012)

Season 14 has a lot of DNA in common with Season 18, with the “four teams of four” twist and returning players from four years ago. Season 10’s Dan Gheesling, Season 12’s Britney Haynes, Season 6 and 7’s Janelle Pierzina, and Season 2 and 7’s Mike Malin served as mentors to the 12 new houseguests this season. The returning players were initially only in the house to coach the newcomers, but they soon became full houseguests.

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Season 14 is one of those few cases where mixing returning players with new players actually make the season more fascinating, despite a poor start.

Seasons 20 is number 7 (2018)

Season 20 was a move in the right direction after Season 19 disappointed many fans due to the strength of its all-new group. Tyler Crispen, Bayleigh Dayton, Angela Rummans, Faysal Shafaat, Kaycee Clark, Scottie Salton, Sam Bledsoe, and Kaitlyn Herman, among others, appeared in this installment.

The relationships between these houseguests made this season one of the most surprising and entertaining of “Big Brother’s” later years.

Season 20 was not without flaws. Its technological twists were ineffective, and the game lost steam when one alliance dominated the second half. Season 20 is, however, one of the show’s best seasons.

Season 3 is number 6 (2002)

Season 3 continued the pattern began in Season 2 by adding the Veto competition to the competitive side of “Big Brother.” Giving houseguests the option to save one of the eviction nominees helped set the tone for future seasons while also adding a new layer of strategic gameplay to the show.

The cast was also rather good, with Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy being the season’s greatest stars. Fans love this dynamic combination, with Reyes offering some of the most memorable confessionals in the show’s history.

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The season’s end was a letdown, thanks to a contentious final vote that caused the show to change the rules and institute the sequestered jury we know today.

Season 7: All-Stars is number 5 (2006)

In the “Big Brother” world, the first season to bring back returning contestants was a huge deal. With the likes of Will Kirby, Janelle Pierzina, Nakomis Dedmon, Mike Malin, Howie Gordon, Danielle Reyes, and others returning, how could it not be? Some of the series’ biggest gamers and personalities returned to produce one of the series’ strongest seasons, with the return of both Season 2’s Chilltown and Season 6’s Sovereign Six alliances.

Despite not being a perfect season due to certain major characters leaving early, the original All-Stars is still worth seeing in comparison to the mediocre sequel fourteen years later.

Season 17 is number 4 (2015)

Season 17 of “Big Brother” offers in terms of a good mix of competition and entertainment. Da’Vonne Rogers, James Huling, Vanessa Rousso, Steve Moses, Austin Matelson, Jason Roy, John McGuire, and the Nolan twins, Liz and Julia, were among the heavy-hitting houseguests. These houseguests were not only entertaining, but they also provided superb strategic gameplay, good blindsides, and a solid winner.

In fact, the interaction between each of the houseguests was so powerful that many of the season’s planned twists were axed so that the houseguests could shine. The twists that did make it to the end of the season were hit-or-miss.

This season saw the return of Season 16’s Battle of the Block twist, as well as Season 5’s Twin Twist. Liz and Julia pretended to be one person and switched locations in the house on a regular basis, which made for wonderful entertainment without overshadowing the season’s plot.

Season 5 is number 3 (2004)

Season-long variations on “Big Brother” frequently result in a mixed bag of outcomes. Season 5 was one of the few times that the plot twists resulted in some of the show’s best moments.

The second brought together two houseguests, Nakomis Dedmon and Michael Ellis, who had no idea they had the same father. Both of these changes introduced fresh layers to the house’s social dynamics, maybe even more so than the previous season’s exes twist.

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Season 5’s gameplay was excellent. It included the first-ever “backdoor” plot, in which the Head of Household nominated and ousted a houseguest without giving them the opportunity to save themselves with a Veto vote. There were also a few power shifts and blindsides, as well as a solid winner.

Season 6 is number 2 (2005)

Season 6 centered on the dramatic conflict between two warring alliances, the fan-favorite Sovereign Six alliance and the less-liked Friendship alliance, with a cast so popular that at least four of them were brought back for the first All-Stars. Throughout the season, both sides fought, evicting and betraying each other one by one. As a result, there was a lot of competitiveness and strife, making this group of houseguests one of the most dynamic in the show’s history.

The season’s revelation was entertaining even though it didn’t contribute to the drama. Each of the 14 houseguests had a secret partner in the house with them, and the grand reward would be quadrupled if both of them made it to the end together. While none of the pairs survived long, seeing the houseguests try to figure out the other pairs was a fun prologue to the season’s heated drama. Season 6 is sometimes held up as the gold standard for what a good “Big Brother” season should be when contrasted to succeeding seasons.

10 season is number 1 (2008)

Season 10, despite being the shortest of the main series, is jam-packed with memorable scenes. Season 10 was dubbed the “back-to-basics” season because there were no game-changing events or pre-existing connections for the houseguests to contend with. Season 10 was primarily about strategy, with a little twist inserted at the start. The season profited significantly from this down-to-earth attitude, as it allowed the gameplay to shine brighter than in any previous season.

Season 10 saw some of the best players, as well as one of the best victories. Dan Gheesling, Keesha Smith, April Dowling, Jessie Godderz, Michelle Costa, and Renny Martin are among the season’s most noteworthy names. These houseguests are still remembered as some of the most memorable in the series, with lots of ferocious drama, blindsides, and power swings throughout. The season’s highlight is undoubtedly Keesha’s birthday party, which features one of the longest and most violent fights in the show’s history.

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