Blue Bloods Season Finale - Everything We Need To Know!

According to popular culture, the season finale of “Blue Bloods” had two major character developments. Following that, some fans believe it sets up a good season 13 story. To begin, Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan chooses to run for District Attorney in the episode “Silver Linings.”

The authors, however, adopted a roundabout way, as we’ve seen. D.A. Crawford and Frank Reagan originally battled over her decision to reduce some offences to misdemeanours. He also inquired on freed inmates by calling the District Attorney’s office hours after their arrest.

Erin was annoyed when he did it on public television. Crawford was concerned about running in her father’s best interests. When Erin revealed that she agreed with her father that the new limits would make the city more unsafe, her concerns were validated.

Blue Bloods Season Finale - Everything We Need To Know!

We watched her immediately persuading the D.A. that she was merely acting in her own self-interest. Erin’s decision to not run had changed by the time the weekly dinner scene came around. She proclaimed her candidacy for District Attorney at the table with vigour.

“I may be afraid of losing,” she said during dinner, “but I feel I’ll be unstoppable if I have your love and support.”

When season 13 of “Blue Bloods” debuts, we’ll be following that exact plot line.

The Season 12 Finale Of Blue Bloods Will Be Released On This Date

Blue Bloods’ season 12 finale will air on CBS on May 6 at 10 p.m./9 p.m. central, immediately following the season finale of rival drama Magnum P.I. They are two of the first CBS shows to go off the air this season, following the season finales of Ghosts and Good Sam.

Blue Bloods Season Finale - Everything We Need To Know!

Blue Bloods has been an exception for a few years now, as most series end around late May. The first or second week of May has seen the end of many of its recent seasons.

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We also know that, unlike last year, the season 11 finale will be a regular one-hour show rather than a two-hour special.

By the end of the season finale of ‘Blue Bloods,’ Baez has adopted a child

While the majority of the drama in the season 12 finale of “Blue Bloods” focused on Frank and Erin Reagan, there were other significant happenings throughout the season. We had a feeling Maria Baez and Danny Reagan, two of our favourite “Blue Bloods” characters, would be at the centre of a major investigation.

The police were looking into the death of a woman who was under witness protection, according to the story. Their search leads them to Joe and Jamie, who are investigating the disappearance of a trafficked adolescent girl.

Blue Bloods Season Finale - Everything We Need To Know!

We quickly discovered the victim was pregnant, and the baby was mercifully preserved. Detective Baez adopts the baby in an unusual change of events. Danny Reagan, a longtime friend and business colleague, assured her that he would always be there for her.

When combined with the culmination of Erin and Frank’s fight, the “Blue Bloods” finale was exceptionally emotional. It also makes us curious about Season 13’s events. If you want to watch the finale or other “Blue Bloods” reruns again, you can do so on Paramount+.

What Is The Final Episode Of Blue Bloods Season 12?

The autumn season is winding down, and some of our favourite shows, such as CBS‘s long-running drama Blue Bloods, will be ending soon. Season 12 was another fantastic season that provided opportunities for all of the show’s favourite actors and actresses to shine.

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We’ve already seen some incredible stories about our favourite Reagan family members, and the season’s final episodes promise to deliver even more unforgettable occurrences, some good and some unpleasant.

Even though we’d like season 12 to continue for a few more episodes, there are just a few episodes left before the season finishes and summer vacation begins. When does the season come to an end? Here’s what we know so far!

Official Trailer for the Season Finale of Blue Bloods