Going into The Circle Season 2, everyone felt the same thing: there was no way a follow-up season could surpass Season 1’s euphoria. That cast turned a musical about social media (which, to be honest, is the demise of civilization) into something pleasant, accessible, and hopeful.

Season 1 of the show completely duped the audience, as I previously stated. We were anticipating the nasty drama that so often dominates social media in real life, but instead, we watched a group of very unlike strangers discover common ground and emerge from the programme as true #CircleFam. Season 2 had little chance of matching Season 1’s success, but the programme completely surprised us.

With the most dramatic confrontation in Circle US history, Season 2 of the Circle hit the ground running. Savannah and Terilisha went from friend to foes in a matter of minutes, and their fight dominated the internet for a long time—I’m quite sure people are still talking about it! Many fans are still on the fence about a feud that was squashed in Episode 4.

The Circle Season 2

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And that feud at the top was the product of Season 2’s legendary alliance building and catfishing. This cast, having seen Season 1 and being well up to speed on the show’s dynamics, definitely did not join the Circle to pass the time during our pandemic nightmare year over the pond. They came to win $100,000, regardless of whether it meant catfishing as a single father, throwing other participants under the bus, or blowing up all the spots in every face-to-face meeting. At the start, they actually booted out the calmest player. Season 2 wouldn’t be as serene as Season 1. The season would still be excellent, perhaps even great, but in a different way.

Now that the season is over, we can say with certainty that we were catfished. The first week was representative of the season as a whole; it was a tangled web of shifting alliances, all competing for the confidence of an ex-contestant from Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. However, the programme proved itself to be just as full of unashamed emotion as Season 1—if not more so—in the season finale, where all the catfish are captured.

Circle Season 2 - Updates on Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More!

Every season of The Circle has a palpable and relatable tension since you’re well aware of the lies being presented. You can’t help but imagine how disappointed and/or outraged participants will be if they discover their future spouse is actually a married mom, or their prospective bride is a bloke called Jack. That’s why the grand finales are so exciting. All of the falsehoods are exposed and met with nothing but love.

Deleesa, the player behind Chloe’s Circle lover, had piqued Chloe’s interest. She rolled with it, fully knowing that they were playing a game and that, in this situation, another player had the upper hand by building a true relationship with her—and this is the secret. There aren’t any unpleasant sensations!

That’s also true of River’s reveal—how could anyone witness Lee and not feel joy? You love him because he embodies the phrase “simply pleased to be here!”

Then, perhaps because I’ve seen the entire season three times while reporting it, all the friendships and touching moments throughout the entire cutthroat season stood out to me. From the beginning, this season was all about love. Savannah paid Courtney a visit on her way out, basically offering him a ticket to the finals with her information, and Khat did the same with Deleesa/”Trevor” afterwards.

Circle Season 2 - Updates on Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More!

Trevor, Terilisha, and Khat had a really meaningful BBQ conversation. The #TheCardashians’ friendship and River and Courtney’s concern for Chloe. And the way Courtney and River bonded, demonstrating a rare intergenerational LGBT connection on television. The pals remained united till the very end. Even when Trevor suggested she block River, Chloe paused for a while, then stated to herself, “Why does this choke me up?”

But it was the unusual duo Jack and Lisa who stole the show this season. Their arcs, I believe, encapsulate the mood of the entire season. They were both somewhat extreme catfish when they arrived. Lisa was portraying Lance Bass, and Jack decided he wanted to be a villain. After being blocked, they reentered the game as… a homosexual 64-year-old full-time clairvoyant, part-time Santa improviser, and grandfather.

Circle Season 2 - Updates on Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More!

As the show cut to them doing bizarre things like pondering whether they’d rather stay in prison for a year or until they could solve a Rubik’s cube, Jack bragging about how he could stand on one foot for hours, them discovering rancid meat in their fridge, and Lisa asking Jack to explain the rules of chess, these two quickly became comic relief.

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That is the plot of Season 2 of The Circle, as well as the entire series. Like Season 1, I believe we all went into this season expecting one thing and were pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be something completely else. Thankfully, that “something else” turned out to be another season that reminded us that there may be more that unites us than separates us. This programme continues to catfish me, but I’m not furious.

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