Crime Scene Kitchen Contestants - Every Little Detail You Should Know

Joel McHale hosts FOX’s Crime Scene Kitchen, which is a mix of guessing games, culinary competitions, and comedy. Using just the ingredients and clues left behind, bakers must figure out what dessert was prepared in the kitchen. They must then duplicate the recipe for celebrity judges Curtis Stone and Yolanda Gampp to discover who has the technical know-how, ingenuity, and problem-solving skills needed to decipher and recreate extraordinary sweets from around the world.

“There aren’t many clues,” McHale told reporters at a press conference for the new FOX baking show. “You’re going to be blown away by how close people get guessing from what they find.” “Then you’ll be astounded by some of the people’s utterly blundering decisions.”

Season 1’s winners are now known: The $100,000 reward was granted to Natalie Collins-Fish and Luis Flores of Las Vegas, who were crowned Season 1 victors.

Crime Scene Kitchen 

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Luis commented right before the announcement, “If we win this competition, our dream could come true.” Is that their ambition? In Las Vegas, to operate a bakery.

“I’m going to be my own boss forever,” Natalie added. Knowing I can be a part of my son’s life at all times is huge.”

The last assignment on Crime Scene Kitchen was to prepare a birthday cake for Yolanda, and Natalie and Luis won by beating off the other baking teams.

“This is the first time I’ve ever won anything,” Luis explained. “This would not have happened if my family had not come to the United States.”

Natalie stated, “We’ll be able to create our own bakery.” “We’ll be able to better our lives and contribute back to our family.”

Six teams from Group A and six teams from Group B were chosen from all over the country to compete in Crime Scene Kitchen.

Crime Scene Kitchen Contestants - Every Little Detail You Should Know

“Some of these bakers have formal training and are quite well taught.” Then there are some who have taught themselves. And you’ll be amazed at how far self-taught people can go against how little some trained people can go,” McHale remarked. “Incorporating the crime scene [aspect] very interestingly levels the playing field.”

On FOX on Wednesday, May 26th, Crime Scene Kitchen will premiere. Until then, get to know the first season’s kitchen teams.

Crime Scene Kitchen Contestants - Every Little Detail You Should Know

A1: (entering the kitchen on May 26)
Brooklyn, NY residents Nathan Winner and Anthony Silvestri
@NolaPieGuy (Instagram)

Amanda Carter and Erinn Roth are two of the most talented actresses in the world.
Waldorf, Maryland and Washington, DC
@MsJosSweets and @carterscravings are two accounts on Instagram that you should follow.
@MsJosSweets is my Twitter handle.
Carter’s Cravings and MsJoPetiteSweets on Facebook.

Natalie Collins-Fish and Luis Flores, Las Vegas, Nevada
Facebook: cakelyfebynattiej Instagram: @luisflo702, @soignemacs, and @cakelyfebynattiej

Thury-Linh Carroll and Jay Clifton
TX – Dallas
@JayHasSkills and @bustersbakeshop are two Instagram accounts that you should follow.
Buster’s Bakeshop, The Duckling Baking Co, and Jay Rhyne Clifton all have Facebook pages.

Caroline Schmidt and Carolyn Tunon are two women that have a lot of experience in the field
Miami, Florida, United States of America
@baked305Miami on Instagram

Cathy Jacobson and Thomas McCurdy are from Devil’s Lake, North Dakota, and Irasburg, Vermont, respectively. Follow them on Instagram at @ardeliafarm and @thomas.mccurdy.

Cory Powell and Donte Fassett, Group B (entering the kitchen on June 2)
Smyrna, DE, and Philadelphia, PA
@MakemBakem, @Mas Meals, @Chef Fassett, and @alena cafe are among the Instagram accounts worth following.
Facebook: Mason Meals Food Program and Donte Fassett

Anthony Damelio (left) and Natasha Babchak (right).
Instagram: @helloitstasha and @anthony Damelio from New York, NY, and Wolcott, CT, respectively.

Rebecca Miller and Jean Plumley are two of the most well-known authors in the United States
Missouri City
@peggyjeanspies is on Instagram.
Peggyjeanspies is on Facebook.

Jersey City, NJ and Elizabeth, NJ’s Shania Thomas-Floyd and Hope Marrero
@rebelchef1994 on Instagram

Williamstown, MA, and Chicago, IL, Leslie Milton, and Emma Rosenthal
@delicateforkingflower and @goodnightkitchen on Instagram
GoodNight Kitchen may be found on Facebook.

Jason and Lorie Burcham are a husband and wife duo.
Nashville, Tennessee is the state capital of Tennessee.
@jasonandlorie, @cheflorie, and @jason.ima are some of the accounts on Instagram that I follow.
Jason and Lorie can be found on Twitter under the handle @jasonandlorie.

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