The Hulu drama “Deep Water,” based on the same-named book by author Patricia Highsmith, is an anxiety-inducing trip that gives viewers a look into a damaged Oregon couple’s marriage. Vic Van Allen, played by Ben Affleck, is a wealthy guy who gained his fortune by developing a contentious military chip. Melinda Van Allen, Vic’s lovely and energetic wife, is played by Ana de Armas. The two looks to have a perfect existence, complete with a huge home and a family, yet trouble lies just beyond the surface.

The pair has a vibrant social life that includes several close acquaintances. Melinda, on the other hand, brings home a new acquaintance with whom she has an affair every now and again. These affairs aren’t disguised, and Vic and his buddies are fully aware of what’s going on right in front of their eyes. Vic eventually loses control and spirals out of control, disappearing one by one of Melinda’s not-so-secret boyfriends.

Deep Water Ending Explained

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Despite the chaos, it appears like the pair can’t leave each other, and Melinda refuses to leave Vic even after learning that he is murdering her partners. The tale takes several unexpected twists and turns as the two’s poisonous relationship plays out, culminating in a finale that leaves you wondering how these two could ever live a normal existence.

Melinda may have chosen to marry a serial killer.

Vic and Melinda’s love is a poisonous spiral that keeps them close while also keeping them away. The film’s unsettling conclusion is built on this tension. Vic sulks farther and deeper into a dark mental condition until he breaks, as Melinda parades each new companion in front of him. Melinda is first alarmed when he snaps since her husband is, after all, a killer. So, how does Melinda justify being with Vic-the-accountable-murderer in the end? He murdered her, therefore she apparently isn’t terrified of him. It’s a little bit… romantic, isn’t it?

Finally, Melinda discovers Tony’s (Finn Wittrock) wallet hidden in a takeaway container housing Vic’s remarkable collection of pet garden snails. Melinda takes the perplexing decision to burn her wallet and whatever proof she discovers when her initial effort to depart is failed. This is the clearest indication yet of where this relationship will go once the credits have rolled. Melinda has decided on a path.

Vic and Melinda share a unique bond. Despite the love relationships and the occasional murder, the two know one other’s darkest secrets. They carry on as if nothing had happened. Given her own unconventional tendencies, it’s impossible to predict if Melinda would be able to find that kind of devotion elsewhere.

Is the trend of extramarital affairs and murders likely to continue?

When Vic returns from his bike trip to hide Tony’s body and inadvertently kill Lionel, he finds Melinda dressed in a sundress waiting for him on the porch. She grins and goes away after saying to him, “I saw Tony.” This appears to establish a mutual understanding that, sure, Melinda is aware of Vic’s assassination of Tony, and she may even be okay with it. Although the discussion is modest, the implicit complicity says a lot.

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So, if the center couple ends up being happy, does it indicate the affairs and killings will continue? It’s difficult to see Melinda accepting any type of life that denies her the ability to wander – at least not where we left her. Vic’s lust for Melinda will always get the better of him, prompting him to murder every unlucky companion that crosses her path.

Nothing seems to be changing between these two lovers, so we’re left with little hope. It’s not quite a happy ending, but they do have each other…?