Dexter Season 9 - An Official Synopsis

Fans of the hit crime thriller “Dexter” are excited to see their favourite serial killer back in action in a new season named “Dexter: New Blood.” Since revealing a new video at Comic-Con last weekend, the resurrection has been gaining traction, and it now has a definite release date: the inaugural episode will run on November 7. There’s also a new trailer to watch, which teases what Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) has been up to since we last saw him, and how effectively (or not) he’s been controlling his homicidal inclinations.

Dexter Season 9 - An Official Synopsis
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While fans have been anxiously awaiting any new “Dexter” information, including the revival’s new roster of characters, the overarching narrative of the next season has remained a secret. So, what’s the plan? Will Dexter revert to his previous behaviours?

Look no further, since “Dexter: New Blood” has now received an official summary.

Dexter: New Blood will respond to some of the most frequently asked questions by fans.

The famed three-day event left the best for last, offering fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse into “Dexter: New Blood” on Sunday, July 25. Clyde Phillips and Scott Reynolds, showrunners of “Dexter,” director Marcos Siega, actor (and “Dexter” newbie Julia Jones), and, of course, Michael C. Hall, were among the panellists. Kristin Dos Santos, the panel’s host, asked the group some tough questions, including what to expect from the upcoming series.

Dexter Season 9 - An Official Synopsis

Following the panel, a new official trailer was published, giving fans a more in-depth look at the upcoming series. Finally, according to Dexter Daily, there is an official synopsis for “Dexter: New Blood”:

Dexter is found living under an assumed identity in the little hamlet of Iron Lake, New York, 10 years after he went lost in the eye of Hurricane Laura. Dexter may be settling into his new life, but his Dark Passenger calls in the aftermath of unforeseen occurrences in this little town.

What does this imply, exactly? We can fill in some of the gaps in the summary by dissecting it.

Dexter’s new synopsis is dissected.

First and foremost, it’s worth recalling that Dexter vanished from his prior life in Miami and reappeared as a lumberjack in the frigid woods of Oregon in Season 8’s notoriously reviled series finale (which the showrunners have promised this new season would address). Although we don’t know how he got from Oregon to the hypothetical hamlet of Iron Lake, New York, the clip shows Dexter trying hard to alter his ways (including cleaning up a patch of blood on the snow so he doesn’t have to witness it).

Dexter Season 9 - An Official Synopsis
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Dexter, according to Michael C. Hall, picked the small-town setting to escape temptation. At the Comic-Con event, Hall remarked, “Going back to the way the show ended, [I think] we see Dexter having taken a sort of self-imposed exile.” “I believe he’s performing a lengthy, drawn-out penance for the individuals who have died who were close to him but were not targeted victims, as a result of how he’d been living, how he’d been bending the rules […] In terms of abstinence, I believe Dexter is using his restraint to its full potential.”

This restraint will undoubtedly be tested, but fans will have to wait and watch what happens when “Dexter: New Blood,” the long-awaited resurrection, premieres on Showtime on November 7, 2021.