One of the most popular crime procedurals of the twenty-first century is “Criminal Minds.” The CBS drama remains one of the most successful success stories of modern broadcast television, with an IMDb user rating of 8.1/10 and 15 seasons.

The fandom for “Criminal Minds” goes on even though the show ended in 2020. There are some variations of opinion when it comes to certain stories and characters, like with any popular series with a committed fanbase. A fan’s favorite narrative can be another’s least-watched episode. However, some personalities and plots elicit more discussion than others.

Elle Being So Controversial Among Criminal Minds Fans WHY?

Such is the situation with Lola Glaudini’s Special Supervisory Agent Elle Greenaway. Greenaway only stayed with the BAU for the first two seasons of “Criminal Minds,” after which he left due to PTSD and, well, murder. Though Greenaway’s appearance on the show was brief, the sometimes contentious fan debate surrounding her has been anything but.

Some admirers believe Elle was impolite.

u/liamschindelka asked Redditors on the “Criminal Minds” Subreddit to share their unpopular thoughts on the show.

Elle Being So Controversial Among Criminal Minds Fans WHY?
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U/Anotherperson6812 brought up the vitriol directed at Elle Greenaway from fans, despite professing to like the character. The user went on to state, “I’ve heard a lot of people claim she’s rude, but I don’t recall her doing anything particularly mean? I remember one episode where she was disrespectful and brushed off Gideon’s question about her well-being (I entirely forgot the context), but I believe every other character has had a similar experience at some point.”

Despite the fact that many fans loathe Elle, this “unpopular opinion” was shared by a large number of fellow Subredditors.

Elle Being So Controversial Among Criminal Minds Fans WHY?

U/azulamazing agreed that the character isn’t unpleasant, but suggested that some of the animosity stems from the fandom’s near-universal affection for Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and that they loathe Elle because she was disrespectful to Reid on one occasion.

u/azulamazing, on the other hand, stated that they don’t particularly enjoy Elle and that the character’s writing isn’t particularly strong.

Elle Being So Controversial Among Criminal Minds Fans WHY?
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“Criminal Minds” has developed into a completely different show by the time it finished after Season 15, compared to when it first began showing episodes during the Bush administration. Though we never got to watch Elle’s evolution, all of the passionate fan commentary about her character has surely provided a layer of complexity to the program that we never got to see.

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