Claire Boucher is Grimes’ true name, and she goes by Grimes or Claire, or even better, c, as in the speed of light. But, ever since she began dating the world’s richest man, and especially since she gave birth to a son with him in May 2020—a boy they call X Æ A-12 which she pronounces “X A.I. Archangel,” or X for short— she’s had to learn to live with much of the world forgetting about her identity as one of the decade’s most fearless, adventurous solo artists and learning to know her first and foremost as Elon Musk’s girlfriend.

Elon Musk, the founder of mega-corporations such as SpaceX, Neuralink, and Tesla, has been in the news frequently due to scandals surrounding his business and personal life.

Elon’s newborn boy with musician Grimes was born two years ago, and the birth became viral due to the child’s unusual name: X AE A-Xii

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Grimes disclosed that the couple had another ‘secret’ baby through surrogacy.

After her daughter started crying upstairs during the interview, Genesis singer Grimes was compelled to admit in her Vanity Fair cover story that she and Tesla mogul Elon Musk had discreetly welcomed a baby girl.

The pair, who are no longer together, have yet to share their daughter’s full name, but for the time being, they are referring to her as ‘Y,’ which is appropriate given that her older brother is known as X.

Y was born via surrogate in December 2021, only months after Grimes and tech mogul Elon separated following three years of idyllic marriage.

Elon Musk and Grimes with their new born daughter

The duo are together in some way, but it’s ‘fluid,’ according to the Canadian artist, since they co-parent their two children together.

“I’d probably call him my boyfriend, but we’re pretty fluid,” she says “she stated.

We each have our own home. We’re best friends.  We see each other on a regular basis.

“We’re just doing our own thing, and I don’t expect anyone else to get it.”

Grimes continued, “Now is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life,” as she adjusts to life as a mother of two.

“This is the finest it’s ever been,” says the narrator. “All we need is to be free.”

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Despite having an unconventional relationship, Elon and Grimes are keen to have more children together.

Now that they have son X and daughter Y, the couple hopes to have one or two more children.

Grimes revealed to the outlet that they intend to grow their family.

The singer revealed, “We’ve always wanted at least three or four.”

After three years together, Elon and Grimes called it quits in September.

Elon Musk, the tech mogul, claimed at the time that the two were co-parenting and on “excellent terms.”

“We are semi-separated but still love each other, see each other frequently and are on great terms,” Elon revealed to Page Six.

Elon told Page Six, “We are semi-separated but still love each other, visit each other frequently, and are on fantastic terms.”

“It’s basically because my work at SpaceX and Tesla needs me to be based in Texas or travel internationally, whereas hers is based in Los Angeles.” She’s currently staying with me, and Baby X is in the room next to her.”

The couple was last seen together in public in 2021 at the Met Gala.

Elon joined Grimes on the red carpet after she arrived alone.

How Many Kids Does Elon Musk Have?

Elon is a father to 8 kids

Elon Musk Kids

He and his ex-wife Justin Wilson had six children together: Nevada, a 10-month-old infant who died of SIDS, twins Xavier and Griffin, and triplets Kai, Saxon, and Damian.

Toddler X Æ A-Xii (also called X), and newborn baby girl, Y, belong to his current girlfriend, Grimes.

Grimes, on the other hand, is concerned about X’s future.

“Whatever is going on with the family, I simply think the kids should keep out of it, and X is just out there.” I mean, I believe E regards him like a protégé, taking him to anything and anything. … X is somewhere out there. That’s how his situation is. But, yeah, I’m not sure,” Grimes admits.

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After being selected Time’s Person of the Year, Elon took the 18-month-old on stage at a Time event. Musk spoke peacefully with Time’s CEO as baby X sat comfortably on his lap the entire time and stole the show.

Who Is Natasha Bassett, Elon Musk’s New girlfriend?

After his breakup from Grimes in September 2021, Elon Musk appeared to be moving on.

The world’s wealthiest billionaire, who dethroned Jeff Bezos last year, was recently sighted with 27-year-old actress Natasha Bassett.

Over the weekend, a source told HollywoodLife that Bassett, who was recently pictured exiting Musk’s private plane in Los Angeles, had been seeing the 50-year-old Tesla CEO for “a couple of months” and that the two were “already in a monogamous relationship.”

As reports of Bassett’s romance spread, here’s all you need to know about her.

Natasha Basset Played Britney Spears In A Lifetime Biopic

Bassett featured in the unauthorized Britney Spears biopic “Britney Ever After” on Lifetime in 2017.

Despite the fact that the film was widely panned at the time, Bassett — who admittedly avoided the media at the time — argued that it was a “feminist story at its core” and hoped Spears would watch it.

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She Is From Australia

Bassett was born in Sydney, Australia, and her first audition was at the age of 14, when she got the main role in “Romeo and Juliet” at the Australian Theater for Young People.

She appeared in Australian TV shows including “Rake” (2010), “Cops LAC” (2010), and “Wild Boy” (2010) while still in high school (2011).

Natasha Bassett leaving Elon Musk’s jet.
Natasha Bassett leaving Elon Musk’s jet.

She’s A Screenwriter And Director

Bassett traveled to New York when she was 19 on an ArtStart Screenwriters Program screenplay fellowship, which allowed her to create and direct her own short film, “Kite.”

The film was screened at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, the Bali International Film Festival, and the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival, according to the actress’s IMDb page.

Since then, she has relocated to Los Angeles.

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