The Umbrella Academy, a sci-fi drama on Netflix based on the same-named books, finished season 3 on a note that was even more puzzling than season 2’s confusing conclusion, as we’ve come to expect from a program as cheeky. The positive: There’s no need to worry about the (many) unsolved questions because a fourth season is almost certainly coming. Inverse: We’ll be forced to continue speculating for some time.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 

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Recap now. The Umbrella Academy crew joins forces—sort of—with this alleged Sparrow Academy in an effort to avert yet another doomsday after returning from 1960s Dallas to the present and discovering their former father supporting a new group of super-heroic students. However, thanks to a “Kügelblitz” started by the Umbrella Academy’s improbable existence in another dimension, this new apocalypse sees not only the end of the Earth but also the collapse of the whole cosmos.

The Umbrella Academy is back under the control of their father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, by the time the Kügelblitz had devoured much of reality, including numerous Sparrow Academy students and an adopted son named Stan (RIP). At the Hotel Oblivion, where he is persuaded they can reset the cosmos, he persuades them to commit suicide. However, once they’ve defeated the hotel security guards, Reggie drains all of his kids’ energy while he tries to power an unknown contraption.

Allison, his daughter, cuts off part of his face as retribution. She nonetheless creeps up too near to the machine, hits a Big Red Button, and perhaps resets the cosmos despite his passing. We can’t be sure since once she presses the button, everyone escapes unscathed but altered. Ray, Allison’s husband, and Claire, her daughter, are now in the same timeframe, which is impossible because Ray lived in the 1960s and Claire in the 2010s. But all that aside—Sloane is gone! The other members of the crew no longer possess abilities! Ben is…Ben, then?

Let’s take a peek into the future as we all strive to understand what just transpired by repeatedly going back in time. The Umbrella Academy’s fourth season is described in detail below.

The Umbrella Academy will there be a fourth season?

Almost probably, barring Netflix’s decision to pull a Netflix and axe the show before it has the chance to complete its arc. It is probable that The Umbrella Academy will get another chapter given the popularity of the program. (In addition, there are allegations that Netflix approved season 4 before season 3 ever debuted.) However, the streamer hasn’t yet made a formal declaration.

When will it be released?

A season 4 release date is now only a rumor as Netflix has not formally renewed the show. However, considering the large cast size and the substantial visual effects required, it’s not unrealistic to assume that season 4 wouldn’t debut until 2023. Season 2 debuted in the summer of 2020, and season 3 followed nearly two years later. The easing of pandemic restrictions surrounding the filming locations may hasten the release of Season 4, but it will still be some time before we learn what happened to Sloane.

What’s the plot of season 4?

The Umbrella Academy television series has been partially inspired by the comic novels that were written and drawn by Gabriel Bá and developed by My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way. The titles of Way’s third and fourth Umbrella Academy volumes, the latter of which is still in the works, are directly referenced in both Hotel Oblivion and Sparrow Academy from season 3. Any guess as to how the contents of Volume 4: The Sparrow Academy could affect season 4 is irrelevant as it hasn’t yet been published in print.

Nevertheless, the season 4 finale itself provides a preview of what is to come: Being unexpectedly helpless concerns and titillates the Hargreeves siblings in equal measure. While Diego and Lila appear excited to go on a babymoon, a less hairy Luther is hellbent on locating his wife Sloane. (We’ll see how long the excitement of conforming to society lasts.) The others split off as usual, but they soon realize that in dear old dad’s “reset world,” he appears to have complete control over everything.

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The cast members are:

Anyone might appear in the upcoming season thanks to the reset world, including characters we previously believed to be gone, like Justin Cornwell’s Marcus or Cazzie David’s Jayme. (He was someone we hardly knew!) Elliot Page, Tom Hopper, David Castaeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gallagher, and Justin H. Min are just a few of the original Hargreeves performers that we may anticipate seeing again.

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