Eric Olsen Just Revealed A Spoiler For NCIS: LA Season 13's

Filming for the 13th season of “NCIS: Los Angeles” has commenced in preparation for its October 10 premiere. That means the social media teases have already begun, and one recent one from the set contains a hilarious surprise sure to pique fans’ interest.

A short video of actor Eric Christian Olsen leading and shooting an impromptu video preview has been added to a tweet posted to CBS’ Twitter account. “, says Olsen “Oh my God, you’re going to adore it but I can’t say,” adds one of the show’s directors. The night is going to be dark and stormy.” Marty Deeks is played by Olsen “A stormy evening? I’ve already arrived. So what happens after that?” “Things burst,” the director says. Olsen then comes in and says, “Deeks enters the room without his shirt on. Please expand.” “And then we go to the title sequence!” adds the director, followed by a quip from Olsen.

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Fans will be waiting in line to see what happens next. If @tmkaudrey’s sentiments are any indicator, they seem ecstatic. “The very best! It could not have begun any better “They added handclaps and fire emojis to their message. Another commenter, referring to Deeks’ on-screen love relationship, said, “Deeks enters the room without a shirt on? That will make Kensi very happy.” Of course, Olsen’s small spoiler doesn’t tell much, given that we have no idea what’s bursting, where the pandemonium is taking place, or why Deeks is shirtless at all.

NCIS: LA Season 13 is set to be action-packed and dramatic.

In Season 13, Deeks and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) will confront several obstacles relating to their future as a family as well as the fact that Kensi is being pursued by a murderer, David Kessler (Frank Military), who seeks vengeance for her role in his imprisonment. Another topic that will be addressed in the 13th season is the continuation of Callen’s (Chris O’Donnell) and Anna Kolcheck’s (Bar Paly) relationship, which was thrown off in Season 12 when he discovered that she had lied to him.

Eric Olsen Just Revealed A Spoiler For NCIS: LA Season 13's

Also getting greater screen time this season is retired Navy Admiral Hollis Kilbride (Gerald McRaney). McRaney will become a series regular after seven years as a recurrent character on the show (via Deadline).

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It’s unclear what his character, who has counseled and assisted the NCIS team, will be doing every week at this point, but he comes in to help replace the void created by the departures of agent Nell Jones (Renée Felice Smith) and techie Eric Beale (Barrett Foa). Hetty (Linda Hunt), who unpacked her possessions in Season 12’s penultimate episode and may wind up sharing chores with Kilbride, is also returning to the fold.

Of course, a shirtless Deeks is an excellent method to attract viewers. We’re curious as to why he’s opening the season in this manner, and we expect other fans to be as well, so maybe this is a sign of good things to come on “NCIS: LA” this autumn.

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