Euphoria Season 2, Episode 8 Recap – ENDING EXPLAINED!

Last week, the sole certainty was what was going on with Fez; that was the only thing we knew was genuine and not a set. As a result, reality overwhelms the first item. Custer reveals to the cops that they have located Mouse’s body just as Fez is ready to depart. Fez holds a palm over his lips while he bleeds out, and Ash stabs him in the neck with the box cutter he secreted under his sleeve. We move back and forth from here and Lexi, showing the two having touching phone chats about Little House on the Prairie and the character characteristics they share. It’s a simple point to make. That exquisite relationship will not be allowed to blossom. Fez will be unable to attend the performance.

EUPHORIA Season 2 Ending Explained

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Given the state of affairs, that may be for the best. Cassie, who has recently been rejected by Nate, gatecrashes the event, and the audience, unsure whether this is part of the act or not, begins pantomime-style booing and jeering. Lexi has enraged Cassie by making fun of her life. Cassie has Maddy enraged for some reason. Everyone ends up brawling on the stage. Lexi sits backstage, weeping, as the conflict moves into the stands and eventually into the high school hallways.

Lexi is eventually offered a second chance. She decides that the show must go on, and thanks to some chants of her name, started by Rue but enthusiastically picked up by everyone else, she returns to the stage, thanks everyone for coming, and dedicates the next segment to Fez, who is currently attempting to take responsibility for Custer’s death in order to protect Ash.

Ash, on the other hand, is deafeningly deafeningly de Instead, he gathers all of his weapons in the bathroom, locks himself inside, and prepares to make his final stand in the tub. Fez continues to knock on the door as the cops approach, pleading with him to come out and for the cops not to shoot him. He fires through the door and wall, the cops return fire, and Fez, who has been hit by a bullet, shouts Ash’s name as bullets rip the home apart.

The gunfire eventually comes to a halt. When one of the cops opens the bathroom door, he finds Ash on the floor, appearing to be dead, but he stands up and blasts the cop. Essentially, it’s a form of suicide. Fez stands helplessly watching as a red laser sight tracks up to his head. As Ash is shot in the head and falls lifelessly to the ground, we linger on Fez’s face.

For a brief time in Euphoria season 2, episode 8, the police raid is intercut with Nate packing a handgun and sipping beer, giving the impression that he is coming for Fez’s retribution. However, he seeks a different type of vengeance. He shows up to Cal’s building site, where he’s living with a group of barely clothed pals.

He tells them about how, when he was 11, he saw tapes of his father having sex with hookers and how, ever since, he’s had a recurring fantasy – the one we saw last week – of Cal having sex with him in the same way. Cal, obviously, is remorseful. He failed miserably in his attempt to keep his personal and familial lives apart. He attempted but failed, to keep Nate safe. Nate isn’t looking for excuses or apologies. He gives Cal a thumb drive with “everything” on it, then allows the cops in to arrest his father.

The second season of Euphoria comes to a close.

Rue is the anchor, as it always has been, in the midst of all of this. Her reaction shots to the different happenings of the play – her expression when Cassie is heavy breathing through the glass of the auditorium doors is especially good – are hilarious. She goes to Elliot to tell him she forgives him, and he plays her a song that touches her deeply, causing her to cry. They’re still not compatible, but perhaps they’ll become friends in the future. She has a stand-in in Lexi’s play, but she plays herself in all of her parts, including one in which she eulogises her father, from our perspective.

Rue later rushes over to visit Lexi and congratulates her on the performance, telling her how much it meant to her and how much it aided her. They hug and cry at the loss of their fathers, finally able to be best friends without the barrier of drug addiction and the grief of loss between them. The camera pulls back and sees it’s a part of Lexi’s performance, and it’s a powerful moment of connection and honesty. A standing ovation is given to the performance.

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Rue kisses Jules on the head before leaving the theatre, and Jules tells her that she misses and loves her. Her voiceover informs us that she stayed clean for the remainder of the school year because it was simpler than relapsing. Ali’s comments reverberate in her brain as she describes how the prospect of being a nice person one day is motivation enough to keep trying. She speculates that there may be something in it. She might be correct.