Extraction 2 - Latest Updates on Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More!

Extraction, an action film starring Chris Hemsworth and produced by the Russo Brothers, is every bit as spectacular as you’d expect from a film starring Chris Hemsworth and directed by the Russo Brothers. Audiences have noticed, too, and the picture appears to be on its way to becoming the most-watched Netflix original film ever, according to Deadline. Extraction is expected to reach 90 million households in its first four weeks, making it the greatest opening day for a movie in the streaming service’s history.

With that in mind, everyone is wondering if there will be a sequel. Thankfully, writer Joe Russo has revealed the solution. He says, “The deal for me to write Extraction 2 has closed, and we’re in the early stages of figuring out what the tale will be.” With the Russo Brothers’ production firm, AGBO, hard at work on the sequel, now is a good moment to review what we know so far about the Extraction sequel’s release date, cast, and plot.

Extraction 2 | Official Tudum Teaser | Netflix

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Extraction 2 has a plot, right?

Because the script has yet to be created, the plot of Extraction 2 is still mostly unknown. Extraction’s ending, in which young Ovi Majahan (Rudhrakhs Jaiwal) notices a familiar-looking figure watching over him while swimming in his school’s pool, teased that the seemingly deceased Special Air Service Regiment soldier-turned-mercenary Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) might have survived the first film after all, potentially paving the way for a very traditional, “Oh man, here we go again” type of action sequel.

However, writer Joe Russo told Deadline that the plot of Extraction 2 may go in a variety of directions, including being a prequel.

“We haven’t decided whether that story will take place in the present or in the past,” he explains. “We left the audience with a lot of unanswered questions.” Whatever path they choose, indicates that they are well aware of the high expectations that have arisen as a result of the first Extraction’s success and are determined to meet them.

Extraction 2 will have who?

Let’s be honest: the most pressing question surrounding Extraction 2’s cast is whether Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake will return. While the movie purposefully left Rake’s fate uncertain, Joe and Anthony Russo are said to be “optimistic” that Hemsworth will return to the role if the script requires it. Indeed, it appears that obtaining Hemsworth’s signature will not be difficult, given that the actor is so excited about the film that, when the film’s popularity became obvious, he posted a heartfelt thank you to the fans on Instagram (via Deadline). Oh, and he certainly wouldn’t mind reuniting with the Russo Brothers and director Sam Hargrave (who Joe Russo wants to return for Extraction 2), either.

If Hemsworth returns in the sequel, he’ll likely face a slew of new foes, though important figures like Rudhrakhs Jaiwal’s Ovi and Golshifteh Farahani’s Nik Khan could make appearances as well. It’s also worth noting that Joe Russo has hinted that Extraction 2 will be set before the first film. Taking the prequel path would let the sequel include all kinds of interesting characters who didn’t make it through the events of Extraction, such as David Harbour’s treacherous ex-mercenary Gaspar and Bollywood hotshot Randeep Hooda’s sad anti-villain figure Saju.

When will Extraction 2 be available?

It’s impossible to predict when Extraction 2 will be released because it’s still in the early phases. Given its enormous success, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to compare its production schedule to that of the first Extraction, which was in the script-writing stage in 2013, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Bright, another high-profile Netflix original that debuted in late December 2017, might be a better analogy. Netflix began negotiations for the film in March 2016, according to The Hollywood Reporter, with stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton already attached and director David Ayer on board.

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We can use Bright’s rough timeline to estimate that Extraction 2 will be released on Netflix sometime in the spring or summer of 2022, depending on how long Joe Russo takes to write the script and assuming that Sam Hargrave and whatever other stars the plot requires will happily attach to the sequel (which is a reasonable assumption given the first film’s success). Of course, the current COVID-19 pandemic will have an impact on all of this, which might imply a lengthier wait for more Extraction action, depending on how world events unfold.