The big-budget blockbuster Fast & Furious 9 (or F9 as it’s technically known) was intended to hit theatres in May 2020, but the pandemic, like pretty much every other picture out there, has caused it to be delayed. Director Justin Lin and his cast, on the other hand, are determined to deliver their film to the big screen as soon as it is safe for people to return to theatres, which they hope will be on May 28. Meanwhile, Universal Studios has provided TotalFilm with an exclusive F9 shot that will get you excited for the summer.

While the Fast & Furious films are famed for their gravity-defying stunts and thrilling car chase scenes, the franchise is really about Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his band of hackers, expert drivers, and thieves. Dom considers his friends to be his family, as he frequently reminds them throughout each film.

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However, while Dom’s bond with his adopted family is central to the series, information about his original family has been scant – until now. John Cena will play Jakob Toretto, Dom’s younger brother and the most formidable adversary Dom and his men have ever faced, in F9.

The friction between Dom and his brother is seen in the latest Fast & Furious 9 shot.

Fans first saw Cena as Jakob in the first official F9 teaser, which revealed that the assassin had spent his whole life preparing to be stronger, smarter, and more ruthless than his older brother. We don’t know what split the Toretto brothers in the first place, or why Jakob is now pursuing Dom.

Cena warned that the brothers’ conflict could go ugly in an interview with Total Film magazine, which was obtained by GamesRadar. “Blood is thicker than water,” Cena explained. “With four brothers, I’ve had my fair share of family brawls. It’s almost as if it’s taken for granted.”

F9: The Fast Saga (2021) - IMDb

Whatever motivates Jakob’s enmity, Cipher, played by Charlize Theron, makes the most of the Toretto family strife. And, given how dedicated Dom is to protect his new family (along with his wife and son), he’ll be more reckless than ever in F9.

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Consider the first look photo from TotalFilm, which looks to show Dom strolling right into Jakob’s lair. Although the snapshot doesn’t reveal much, Jakob appears to be assessing his older brother, while Dom appears to be surrounded by armed men. The Toretto family reunion appears to be tense even without context.

Fortunately, fans of the Fast and Furious franchise won’t have to wait long to see how this family rivalry ends. F9 will be released on May 28th, assuming the universe cooperates.

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