Wit Studio’s ‘Great Pretender’ is a heist comedy series about a group of international con artists. They pursue some of the world’s most terrible criminals, from drug lords to human traffickers, and are led by a Robin Hood-like figure, the astute and secretive Laurent Thierry.

The show is divided into two seasons, each with 14 episodes. The second season was published as a stand-alone on Netflix.

The episodes are also grouped into four occurrences. Episodes 1 through 5 makes up Case 1. Case 2 is a term used to refer to Episodes 6–9.

Case 3 is the umbrella term for Episodes 10 through 14. All nine episodes from the second season are included in ‘Case 4: Wizard of Far East.’ You’re undoubtedly wondering when the third season will be published if you’ve already seen the second. That’s all we know for the time being.

Release Date for Great Pretender Season 3

Season 3 of The Great Pretender will most likely premiere in 2022. It allows producers to create new episodes while giving Netflix enough time to build anticipation for the upcoming release through dramatic teasers and trailers.

Great Pretender Season 3: Renewal and Cancelation Status

Hopefully, season 3 of The Great Pretender will be premiered on September 23, 2022, the estimate is correct, but we’ll have to wait for further details before we know for sure.

While we wait for Netflix to announce the series’ future, be sure to catch up on earlier seasons of Great Pretender, which are currently available exclusively on Netflix.

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Great Pretender Season 3 Plot

In the season 2 pilot episode, Edamame leaves Laurent’s gang for the umpteenth time. He travels to Japan and begins working for the Scarlet trade corporation, only to learn that his new employer, as well as its parent organization, the Suzuki Association, is involved in human trafficking. He also sees right away that Laurent has misled him.

Suzuki Association is discovered to be a front for the Japanese mafia, and its CEO, Akemi Suzaku, is branded the “Queen of the Japanese Underworld.” However, Laurent’s ultimate antagonist is not Akemi, but her Chinese mafia business partner, Liu Xiao, who appears to have murdered Laurent’s lover, Dorothy.

The case’s title, “Wizard of the Far East,” refers to Edamame’s father, Ozaki, a longtime buddy of Laurent’s who is involved in the investigation.

Finally, everything goes according to plan, and the con is a success. Former victims Eddie Cassano, Sam Ibrahim, and James Coleman, who have formed a legal business enterprise, aid the team.

Laurent is getting ready to start his new con in the season finale. His target will be the newly elected President of the United States. Ozaki pays a visit to the grave of his late wife.

Abby climbs a slope in Red Rock Canyon and sends Edamame a selfie. Edamame is presently in Okinawa and plans to see the world. In the post-credit sequence, Dorothy is shown to be living.

She has amnesia and lives with an old couple on an island near Taiwan. They find her ring in the intestines of a fish, which Laurent had tossed into the sea earlier, and deliver it to her.

Laurent is expected to enlist Edamame in one of his con operations again in season 3. He might find Dorothy is still alive and go looking for her. The series has been implying that Abby and Edamame would fall in love.

It is possible that it will occur during Season 3. Cynthia, who gives helpful advice to Kawin, one of the children rescued from traffickers by the gang, may get involved in his upbringing.

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Great Pretender Season 2 Ending

The second season finale of Great Pretender ends with an open-ended conclusion. It establishes the groundwork for a second season of the anime series. The Confidence Man gang and Edamura plan a heist that doesn’t end there in the final episode.

More heists may take place in the coming seasons, resulting in tremendous interpersonal tension among the individuals.

Edamura and Laurent also talk about their retirement plans, and while they are unsure about the future, they have determined to confront whatever comes their way. Laurent removes the ring and flings it into the ocean in an attempt to transcend his fixation with Dorothy.

Laurent is ready to move on now that the theft they’ve been planning for years has been successfully carried out. The third season of Great Pretender has yet to be renewed.

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