The Engagement was twice Joy! Couple Hilary Hoover and Brooke Eden pull off twin surprise marriage proposals.

The musician and radio promoter, who have been dating for five years, finally take the next step and prepare extravagant events to propose. The singer says, “I guess now would be the moment to ask, will you be my wife?”

She confirmed her answer twice in a row.

After both of them made separate marriage proposals nine days apart, country singer Brooke Eden and her longtime partner Hilary Hoover have decided to forward with their eagerly awaited engagement.

The 50/50 rule has always been our thing, Eden, 32, exclusively tells PEOPLE. “On December 8, 2015, we began dating, and by Christmas of that same year, I had purchased us identical necklaces that said “50/50.” That is simply how equally yoked we have been from the start.”

Is Brooke Eden Dating Hilary Hoover? All You Need To Know

Hoover, a radio advertiser who is 31 years old, continues, “So I guess that was portrayed in our offers, as well.”

And somehow, both Hoover and the “Got No Choice” singer pulled off a double surprise.

The two ladies first connected while Hoover, who is now associated with Garth Brooks, was employed by Eden’s record label. Ever since Eden’s very public coming-out during the past 18 months, the two had been anticipating their official engagement.

But who would initiate action?

Hoover claims, “I informed her that I was going to make her go first.” “I could tell she was ready at any time when I looked at her two or three months ago. And she responds, “I am.” Then, I think, “Okay, all bets are off.” Whatever happens, the order can be.”

Hoover, it turned out, had the upper hand. On May 13, a Thursday, he awoke Eden in their Nashville home with a card informing her that they were about to board a flight for a surprise vacation.

Eden recalled playing a joke on Hoover: “Am I getting engaged this weekend?”

“I didn’t say those exact words — ‘I’m proposing to you today,'” Hoover claims, “but I was kind of like, yep, today’s the day.”

Is Brooke Eden Dating Hilary Hoover? All You Need To Know

Hoover chose to use written words to express her thoughts and heighten the suspense along their tour, so the greeting cards kept arriving at each new stop. Eden discovered they were traveling to Sedona, Arizona, one of their favorite vacation destinations, when she had their ticket in hand at the airport. They arrived in the adjacent Phoenix a few hours later, but the suitcase Hoover had prepared for the couple with all of the proposal-worthy attire did not make it.

Hoover now chuckles about it: “Come on if everything doesn’t work out as planned! I believe that is how the proposal was intended to proceed.”

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Hoover came up with a solution after the resort upgraded the couple to a room with a private pool. The two women put on their swimwear, which they had packed in their carry-on bags, as the sun was setting, and Hoover made his way to the sea with one more card. Once she was in the pool, Eden unlocked it.

Her memory of Hoover’s last loving written words are as follows: “I’ve been giving you cards all day because I knew I wouldn’t have the words to say, so I guess now would be the moment to ask, will you be my wife?”

Hoover quickly realized that her plan to take a knee would cause her head to go underwater, so she had to adapt once more. She was now clutching the rings (yes, several – more on that in a moment).

Is Brooke Eden Dating Hilary Hoover? All You Need To Know

Hoover recalled saying to Eden, “Listen, I had all these other plans today.” “I was going to propose in another location where we were actually dressed and not just in bathing suits. But since we both enjoy the water, I don’t see any issues with proposing to you in a swimming pool at this very moment.”

Eden reflects on the emotional moment she said yes as the four rings were placed on her finger and exclaims, “It was beautiful.

And regarding those gorgeous rings: The couple claims they shopped for months before deciding on complimentary stacking rings, which they bought in the latter part of last year. Eden’s four pieces consist of a V-shaped gold band on top of two diamond-encrusted, tiara-shaped bands around a third diamond solitaire. Hoover chose five rings: a diamond solitaire, two tiara-shaped bands that resemble Eden’s, a band with turquoise accents, and two diamond pavé bands. They won’t have a separate designated wedding band because of their inventive method.

The quartet and quintet of rings can be swapped out or rearranged, according to Eden. We simply thought they were fantastic.

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The couple’s remaining time in Sedona was spent unwinding, taking in the breathtaking desert scenery, and trekking into the area’s rock formations so Hoover could recreate her proposal and adopt the traditional pose for pictures.

Still, Hoover’s own ring finger remained untouched at the end of the trip. Additionally, Eden had kept her great secret completely a secret: By complete coincidence, she had already planned her unexpected marriage proposal for the weekend after that, back in Nashville, and PEOPLE was involved in the plot!

The couple dressed to the nines and had their hair and makeup done last Saturday for what Eden said Hoover would be a PEOPLE interview at the newly opened Virgin Hotel on Music Row to discuss her Sedona proposal.

But there was no reporter in sight when they got to the rooftop patio. Hoover regarded the empty sight, but something about it didn’t make sense.

Is Brooke Eden Dating Hilary Hoover? All You Need To Know

Eden admitted defeat and said, “Yes, I’m going to propose to you.” (And yes, certainly, a PEOPLE interview would take place, but it had to be postponed until after Eden’s proposal.)

Hoover couldn’t help but wonder where her engagement rings were when Eden finally got down on one knee to declare her love for him. Dolly, the couple’s Maltese-Yorkie-poodle mix, then came out from behind the scenes with the five bands fastened to her collar. To make their adorable dog a part of the celebration, Eden had sought the aid of a friend.

At that point, Hilary believes Dolly to be the biggest surprise, correct? Eden claims.

Wait a minute. Several of the couple’s close friends and members of Hoover’s family were gathered in a nearby stairwell, waiting to emerge. Many of them had come to Nashville specifically to celebrate the couple’s engagement.

Hoover watched in disbelief as everyone packed onto the terrace for an engagement celebration. It was merely the icing on the cake, she claims. “Naturally, I would have preferred a proposal that involved just the two of us, but I was so overwhelmed by everyone’s presence. I simply never thought my entire family would be in Nashville. I kept saying things like, “I’m impressed with you,” to Eden. I suspected you were planning something, but you worked hard to gather all of these folks here.”

Eden claims that the wonder of modern medicine was responsible for her guest list during this pandemic period: “Her family is immunized as a whole. Our pals are all immunized. We’ve had our shots. In other words, let’s go!”

Is Brooke Eden Dating Hilary Hoover? All You Need To Know

The two women are currently enjoying the title of “fiancée,” as they prepare to get married sometime in 2019. Eden’s career has gained new impetus since the release of three popular new tracks and their accompanying music videos, so they’ll have to work around that (which also feature Hoover).

And how is it possible that their wedding will surpass those two extravagant proposals?

Hoover chuckles, “That’s a good question. “We’ve been dedicated to one another for five years, so it goes without saying that we’re delighted to get married. Therefore, I don’t think the wedding will be such a big step for us as much as I think we’ll be incredibly pleased to spend time with everyone we love.”

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Eden agrees that she believes this to be most crucial. According to her, “the wedding is finally a blending of our families and our friends.” “If everyone were there, we would be so pleased,” the speaker said. “You could put me in a basement.”

Eden enjoys being engaged in part because she is no longer required to hide secrets from Hoover.

That, she recalls, “was really the hardest part.” “We work well together. I always consult Hil before making any choice to ensure that we’re taking the best course of action. For the past few months, I was unable to accomplish that. Now that we are engaged and I have my comrade back, I am certain that she will always be mine.”

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