LA Revolution Season 2 - Latest Updates in 2022!

It appears like Netflix’s French series La Revolution will not be renewed for a second season, which is disappointing news for fans of period drama with a twist of horror.

The series reimagines the history of the French Revolution, set in the late 18th century. Rather than an affluent royal court inspiring a starving populace to revolt, the tale revolves around the development of Blue Blood, a disease that causes the nobility to murder commoners as well as turning their blood a different color.

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The series is dark and entertaining enough to feel like a completely new thing, a story in which blood and gore are beautifully rendered amid gorgeous, tension-filled landscapes. Zombie-accompanying horror is not something we typically see in period dramas like this, but the series is dark and entertaining enough to feel like a completely new thing. La Revolution will not be renewed for a second season, therefore fans will not be able to see how Joseph-Ignace Guillotin uses his famed slaughter machine to fight the undead.

The revelation comes from the French website Allocine, which has an interview with Damien Couvreur, the guy behind Netflix’s five-year push into original French content. (The results of his labor can be seen in the French heist drama Lupin, which is expected to have more streams in its first four weeks on Netflix than titles like The Queen’s Gambit.)

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Despite the fact that Courvreur’s interview was apparently about Lupin’s international success, he also discussed the performance of another new French-language Netflix series.

According to Courvreur’s comments, while people may have started watching the show, they didn’t necessarily finish it, which is a terrible omen for a potential second season. It’s a pity because the second season of La Revolution would have been fascinating to see.

True, La Revolution isn’t for everyone; it’s dark and gory, and it doesn’t do credit to the intricate, nuanced reasoning that motivated the Revolution and everything that followed. This is not the place to be seeking in-depth historical realities; it’s a show about pseudo-zombie rich people who may or may not eat the lower classes. (Though I have a feeling this series may have given “Reign of Terror” a whole new meaning.)

La Revolution season 2 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more

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All of that said, the first season of the show does come to a satisfying conclusion, so if this is a genre or concept that appeals to you, it’s definitely worth a watch. Just keep it in mind when setting your expectations.

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